The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

Chapter 1123 - A Sigh

Chapter 1123: A Sigh

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Who’s that?

This kind of power and feeling, could it be a Nirvana character not involved in the battle?

Meng Qi felt horrified. His feeling of deja vu toward that pair of strange-looking eyes seemed not to be because of the eyes themselves but their played-up surroundings?

Which influential character is it looking on so coldly, making one feel that he was the power behind the scene instead!

Suddenly, as though noticing Meng Qi’s contemplation, the pair of cold eyes formed by the irregular swirls had subtle changes and seemed to look over.

Just a glance alone made Meng Qi’s heart beat violently as he felt his every thought suddenly gain wisdom and became independent of each other. Tens of thousands of Meng Qis with different characters seemed to appear in his mind, each speaking on their own and none was willing to concede defeat. The situation was extremely chaotic.

His skull was about to explode, even the Wuji and Yuanxin seals couldn’t control. Meng Qi grabbed the last aura, planning to end the Seven-Kill Tablet and go back to the future so as to get away from this scene and the pair of cold eyes.

Although it was just a glance without any attack intent, he already couldn’t withstand it totally. Luckily he had already witnessed the process of the heavens collapsing and remembered most of the karma links of the Sea Calming Pearl, hence achieved his goal.

At this moment, Meng Qi’s body loosened up. With the Wuji Seal’s acceptance and succumbing to the Yuanxin Seal, the thoughts disappeared one after another before returning to the heart and everything was back to normal.

“What happened?” the thought of stopping the Seven-Kill Tablet paused temporarily. Meng Qi was shocked to see the pair of cold and terrifying eyes disappear, so did the chaotic dark red color in the sky.

Just as this thought came to his mind, he suddenly felt the roaring of the illusory River of Time. The river that had been flowing quietly seemed to have become a violent sea.

Right after this, rays of light rose from the ground, the deepness of void and the end of the Sea of Stars, hitting high altitudes before spreading and forming the heavens again!

They are the Sea Calming Pearls!

These are the twenty-four heavens!

What happened? The cracked heavens are intact again? Thoughts ran through Meng Qi’s mind and he instantaneously came to a realization amidst his shock. No, it is time that is turning back!

Everything backtracked with the turning back of time!

All the oceans and floods of the four continents coagulated into drops of dark red rainwater; isolated islands returned to mountains and gaudiness appeared in cities again. The drowned bodies stood one by one, looking lively and awake.

Rainwater flew up toward the sky, penetrating the faintly discernible air laid down by Nuwa like a waterfall rolling up water waves.

The blazing white light retreated from disappearing slowly to its brightest state before it suddenly stopped, showing a sky filled with celestial thunder and burning flames.

The entangled thunder and fires that were continuously hitting downward also swirled backwards.

Looking at this dreamlike scene, Meng Qi was certain inside him: It’s really the turning back of time!

The crossing hands of the Nirvana characters of the Nine Levels of Heaven had caused the turning back of time that affected all the oceans of the West and the four main continents. Even the real world could be affected!

Is this arranged by the Celestial Ruler or a miracle created by them together?

At this moment, Meng Qi found himself slowly going back toward the bottom of Donghai. The time limit of the Seven-Kill Tablet was also gradually recovering from one to its original two minutes, but his memory wasn’t affected at all. He suddenly comprehended: the Seven-Kill Tablet is a supreme treasure of time. Although it is not of the Nirvana level, it could still make people go back to the past and has a certain level of resistance against the turning back of time. As he himself possesses Nirvana characteristics, having no past and no future, the two added up and created a time difference with the surrounding turnback, with his memory completely intact.

When he was near the surface of the sea, the illusory River of Time in the surroundings stopped roaring and regained its calmness. Thunder and fires attacked downward again, with most of them weakened by the faintly discernible air. The remaining hit and entered places such as the City God Temple, the God of Earth Temple, and the Dragon Palace.

There was the familiar indescribable breaking sound again but Meng Qi didn’t see the white and pure light shining and turning all things colorless. The sky suddenly became dark, making one feel as though he was strolling in a starless universe.

What was different from the previous time he appeared!

Stars suddenly appeared in the dark sky, filling the vast and deep sky, different from the normal sparsity. Dreamlike galaxies even formed at the dense areas, flowing slowly when a strong wind blew.

This was the most mind-blowing miracle of nature, the most worshipped starry sky.

Suddenly, the dense stars cut through the sky dragging a flame tail before falling together, forming an illusory pure trajectory which was beyond what one could draw.

February 2, noon, stars fell like rain!

Stars fell like rain? This phrase suddenly flashed across Meng Qi’s mind and his heart skipped a beat. Sensing in all directions, he tried to find clues related to Gu Xiaosang.

This is the sign the Sage of Arithmetic said?

But he didn’t discover anything and could only see the brilliant meteor.

Every star corresponded to a star officer, and every raindrop showed the passing of a powerful character.

Heavy rain poured!

At this moment, a deep breaking sound came from above. The night sky which stars were getting lesser tumbled and became closer.

Meng Qi buried his disappointment before lighting up the Daoyi Glaze Lamp again, revolved the Principles of Karma and investigated the illusory world.


Sound came before light. Twenty-four sun rays rose one after another before falling toward the four main continents and deep into the void where it seemed like the World of Gods, the real world and also a different universe.

“This is indeed different from the previous Principle of Karma,” Meng Qi felt lucky as he tried remembering. If he had left earlier, his efforts would have gone down the drain.

How would he have expected this?

Splash! As the Sea Calming Pearls scattered, dark red bloody rain came and penetrated the faintly discernible air bit by bit, bringing destructive floods to all realms.

Once the flood water appeared, it fell and quickened. Meng Qi wasn’t able to remember everything and could only pick those that were most likely to be overlooked.

The effectiveness of the Seven-Kill Tablet was about to end with the passing of time, but the Sea Calming Pearls were already missing.

Meng Qi was about to turn back when he suddenly heard an ancient sigh filled with vicissitudes of life. It descended from above and went straight to the bottom of everyone’s hearts.

This is? Raising his head and looking over, Meng Qi saw a burning fireball falling. No, it wasn’t a fireball but a majestic palace covered by layers of deep flames.

It seemed very familiar, like he had seen it before.

Yes, indeed he had – in the Jade Emperor Mountain, the remains of the Heavenly Court!

This, this is the fallen Heavenly Court?

In the burning flames, in the majestic palace, there was a blurry and distorted figure of a ruler standing with his head up. He seemed to be filled with the past, the present, and the future, and never lowered his head.

He didn’t move at all but just stood there for what seemed like an eternity. The flames weren’t able to enter his body and seemed to turn into his cloak!

The fireball fell rapidly toward the deep void. The figure of the ruler still didn’t move at all, looking like a dead corpse.

At this moment, Meng Qi’s vision became dark and he couldn’t see or feel anything anymore. Something seemed to have fallen from above and covered everything.

A thought spontaneously came to his mind:

The heaven has collapsed!

The heaven has really collapsed!

The Seven-Kill Tablet lit up – its time limit was up. It sent Meng Qi away from this ancient battlefield and back to the future.

Is the figure of a ruler inside the palace the body of the Celestial Ruler?

His remaining obsessive thought created the Yin-Yang Blade together with the core of the Heavenly Court and the Seal of Heaven?

Who does that paid of cold and terrifying eyes belong to?

And who let out that ancient sigh?

Uncertainties flashed across Meng Qi’s mind, accompanying him back to the future. In particular, that sigh actually resonated with him mentally, would it be the Heavenly Lord Yuanshi whom he had heard a lot about but never met?

The strongest and oldest Nirvana character!

Shadows appeared as Meng Qi showed up at Donghai Dragon Palace. The current history had already undergone subtle changes. The Donghai Dragon King had already recognized him as the priest who had suddenly and mysteriously appeared in the past, hence became more cautious and the process later became easier.

As the Dragon King and his descendents could only see the flashing lights around Meng Qi and no other abnormalities, they totally did not realize that history had changed a little.

Meng Qi stood up, took a bow and laughed, “Dragon King, you’re still this energetic despite your age. I shall take my leave.”

After saying these familiar words, he turned and walked out of the Donghai Dragon Palace.

The old Dragon King silently heaved a sigh of relief and said loudly, “I’ll send you off, deity.”

Then, he really sent him all the way to the gate.

It’s good for such a character to leave as early as possible, before he causes any trouble!

After Meng Qi’s back view disappeared, he heaved a sigh of relief, stroked his beard and regained the awe of being in control of Donghai.

“Father, you recognized this Priest Su Meng?” a dragon son recalled the scene just now and asked curiously.

The old Dragon King nodded, “When the Heavenly Court fell, he mysteriously appeared in the Dragon Palace and even said that I was energetic despite my age.”

Speaking of this, he felt a little puzzled, “He was right in the Dragon Palace when the Heavenly Court fell, why did he still ask me about the date and time…”

Isn’t this self-contradicting?

He was focused on pleasing him just now and didn’t think of this. Now that he had calmed down, he realized this weirdness.

The old Dragon King had lived for a long time and was experienced and knowledgeable. A thought suddenly flashed across his mind and he felt that things would make sense if explained this way.

The other party had gotten the specific timing of the fall of the Heavenly Court, hence backtracked and went back to the past, therefore appearing in the Donghai Dragon Palace, giving him the impression of having seen him before, changing history slightly.

And those who could go back to the past were all, were all… the old Dragon King’s body trembled and his voice suddenly stopped. The dragon descendents beside him were all puzzled.

“Father, what’s wrong?”

Words of concern poured and the old Dragon King suddenly jumped up. Sweating profusely and looking more terrified than before, he shouted, “Quick, set up the incense table!”

The dragon descendants didn’t understand why but could only do as instructed. After the table was set up, the old Dragon King immediately went down on all fours, bowing respectfully together with the dragon descendents and the marine family inside the palace. Facing the direction in which Meng Qi’s back view disappeared, he said loudly, “Your humble subject sends you off, Heavenly Lord!”

Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace and could backtrack to the past, he had to be a Heavenly Lord if not the Supreme Lord Yuanshi!

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