The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 1549 - Inferior God Clan

Chapter 1549: Inferior God Clan

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After being captured by Great Qin’s soldiers, Huang Quanling’s expression became quite grim because she did not know what would happen. She had come here with her Yellow Springs Kingdom’s final hope. If anything happened to her, her Yellow Springs race would truly perish.

Seeing the cold-looking and emotionless Great Qin soldiers give a trace of smile when looking at her beauty, Huang Quanling had a bad feeling. She suspected that she would be sullied by the soldiers, and thinking about that, she decided that it was better to just die. However, to the heavy responsibility that she carried, she hesitated.

However, she noticed that even though a few soldiers had given a trace of a smile when they noticed her beauty, they did not seem to be interested in her body; what was going on?

“Why did you capture us? Also, we’re not from here and were just passing by. I hope you can let us off,” Huang Quanling said coldly to a few of Great Qin’s soldiers.

A soldier replied, “All people here are captives of Great Qin. If it wasn’t for your beauty, we would have cut you down because of your resistance and tossed you onto the streets.”

Huang Quanling felt a chill in her heart; it seemed that these soldiers were not kind people. At the same time, she found out that the faction was called Great Qin and that she had been spared because of her beauty.

“What’s your goal? Is it to give me to your superior?” Huang Quanling coldly asked.

The soldier icily replied, “No, you are to be offered to our grand Majesty. Only His Majesty deserves to have beauties like you. To be able to serve His Majesty is your glory.”

Another soldier said in a friendly manner, “It’s best to be a bit more courteous; this person might become a loved Concubine of His Majesty.”

Following this, that soldier said to Huang Quanling, “Don’t worry, we won’t harm your friends. Moreover, even if you refuse, you will still become His Majesty’s Concubine. When that time comes, you will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and enjoy the love from His Majesty.”

Huang Quanling felt quite startled; she had never thought that they would be directly offering her to the ruler of the faction. Given how terrifying this faction was, that person definitely was not ordinary.

However, she felt quite displeased about how certain they were about her submitting to their Majesty. After all, she was the legatee of the Yellow Springs Kingdom and had some pride. She did not believe that any man could easily conquer her.

“Husband, I want more!” Back in the present, Huang Quanling had a lewd look on her face as she begged Zhao Fu for more, her pride completely gone.

The other women were as such, looking like prostitutes under Zhao Fu.

A few hours later, after everything had calmed down, Huang Quanling lay strengthlessly within Zhao Fu’s arms. She understood that what Great Qin’s soldiers had said was completely true. She and the other women had felt immense pleasure as opposed to being ravaged.

Now that the situation was like this, Huang Quanling had to think about the future. She felt that she could not escape from Zhao Fu now, so that it would be better to rely on Zhao Fu to restore the Yellow Springs Kingdom. With his terrifying power, it would definitely be possible.

“Husband, let me tell you about something,” Huang Quanling gave a trace of a smile as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and smiled as he asked, “What is it?”

Huang Quanling told Zhao Fu about everything, and he felt a trace of interest and agreed to help her.

The Nether Ghost City was just a City and did not have any legacies or powers. At the same time, those three other factions only had ordinary legacies and there was not anything special about them.

Zhao Fu decided to fuse the three factions and the Nether Ghost City together, with the Nether Ghost City as the core.

Now that Huang Quanling had appeared, this was an opportunity for the ordinary Nether Ghost City, so Zhao Fu agreed to help her.

Huang Quanling had never thought that the almost-impossible task that had been given to her, which gave her immense pressure, would be resolved so easily. She nearly started crying from joy; this was something that her family had not been able to do for generations.

“Husband, I’m yours forever. You can do whatever you want with my body in the future,” Huang Quanling said gratefully.

Zhao Fu smiled as he nodded.

One of the Queens, Han Shanling, said with an alluring tone, “My good husband, don’t forget about what you agreed to us; our bodies are yours now too.”

Their request was for Zhao Fu not to harm them or their relatives, and for them to keep their prestigious identities. Han Shanling had much ambition, and she used to wield a lot of power in her previous Kingdom.

Zhao Fu did not refuse because she was indeed quite capable. At that moment, a soldier came to the door and reported, “Your Majesty, there have been some military reports from Great Qin. Please read them.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu got up, put on his clothes, and picked up the imperial documents.

The reports were not that something had happened in Great Qin but that the second Wind God Empire had attacked the new world to the right.

Even the powerful Gold God World had been destroyed by the second Wind God Empire, let alone this new world. It could not resist at all and was easily conquered by the second Wind God Empire.

This new world belonged to a God Race called the Inferior God Race. Even though they were part of the God Race, they liked to attach themselves to powerful factions.

However, they also had decent talent. They had God Marks on the back of their hands which gave them a lot of power. They could even sign Contracts with ordinary soldiers, allowing both of them to share that power.

When the second Wind God Empire had attacked them, they had only symbolically resisted but had essentially surrendered to the second Wind God Empire. Not many people escaped, and the second Wind God Empire obtained the population and resources of an entire world.

Feng Shensha brought the Inferior God World’s World Protector into her harem and made her one of her Concubines. It was said that that World Protector was also an extremely beautiful woman.

Zhao Fu had expected this to happen – Great Qin and the Devil Horn Empire had each conquered one world, so how could the second Wind God Empire fall behind?

Great Qin had not done much in response to the second Wind God Empire’s operation, as they would not be able to achieve much and did not want to expend any resources.

Zhao Fu ignited a flame and destroyed the imperial memorial. He decided to put the matter aside for now; right now, he was mostly concerned with the Yellow Springs treasure trove.

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