The Great Thief

Chapter 1582 - Premature Splitting

Chapter 1582: Premature Splitting

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The two tigers were killed quickly.

Even the most naïve people wouldn’t think that these tigers were the end of it all. This was because from a design perspective, they didn’t pose any threat at all, so if nothing further happened, they would be pointless.

Very soon after, everyone fell speechless upon seeing what had unfolded.

Not even a minute later, the two tigers spawned again.

However, this alone didn’t mean much. The thing that frightened everyone was that these two tigers had brought along their friends – there were four this time.

“Have we disturbed the tiger’s den?” World’s Best Friend questioned as he immediately ran forward to draw aggro of these four tigers.

“Are there any differences from the two before?” Lu Li asked. This was the early version of the dungeon, so he wasn’t sure of the details. After all, the dungeon that he was fighting in during his previous life was one that had been updated many times.

“I don’t think there are any differences. It’s just that tanking four of them isn’t as easy as two of them. A Defensive Paladin would make things easier,” World’s Best Friend said.

“Later on, let Wandering pull the tigers. World’s Best Friend, just stand on the side and help out when needed. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more to come,” Lu Li responded, deciding to reveal what would happen next to prepare everyone for it.

“They’re not doing much damage, so I think even if there are more, there won’t be any problems,” World Best Friend commented.

Lu Li shook his head and said nothing else. They would have to experience it before understanding the deadliness of the situation.

Thekal would summon tigers at an interval of around a minute to two minutes. Every time they were summoned, there would be two more tigers than the previous time. After a short while, there were more than ten tigers swarming Wandering.

Fortunately, their offensive power couldn’t be compared to elite monsters. Otherwise, Wandering would have quickly turned into a pile of bones.

Furthermore, their defense was quite low. Lu Li deployed two Mages and a Warlock to deal with the group of tigers. Three waves of AoE skills piled on top of each other eradicated them in a manner of seconds.

“Watch out!” Wandering cried out as he suddenly flew into the air.

 This time, there were sixteen tigers. Tanking them was still manageable, since there was a Healer watching over him. Lu Li had arranged Star Baby to focus on him.

The problem was that he was now knocked in the air, while all the tigers were still alive.

As a result, the tigers dispersed and pounced onto the nearby players who had also been knocked in the air.

Squad wipe!

Lu Li could only sigh in his heart. He couldn’t do anything about it.

There were already so many squad wipes in the first phase. The second phase seemed to be calm and easy-going at the beginning, but grew to be exponentially more difficult to deal with as time progressed. Most teams could only attempt the method of killing the Boss as quickly as they could. After all, this meant that the number of tigers would be fewer. If there were less tigers, the situation wouldn’t be as lethal.

The other method was to arrange for more players to fight the tigers. These players would kill the tigers as soon as they spawned. However, if there were more players fighting the tigers, there would be less players fighting the Boss, which would in turn increase the duration of the second phase.

These two strategies weren’t ideal; there simply didn’t exist a perfect strategy.

However, there was indeed an easier method.

This method was so simple that even two players could clear this Boss by themselves. This was the exploitation of a freeze bug.

High Priest Thekal was a Boss that could be freeze bugged. Furthermore, it wasn’t hard to execute this bug.

This bug was discovered by a group of people who had nothing better to do.

Lu Li knew how to execute this bug. In his previous life, when he was past level 70, he grinded here often, hoping to strike gold and become rich overnight. This was because the market price for tigers was extremely high.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t catch a glimpse of even a single tiger hair, despite grinding the dungeon every week.

In the beginning, he often died in his runs, so his equipment repairs cost him a lot of money. If it wasn’t the First Clear, the drops wouldn’t be any good, even if it was Nightmare difficulty. He hadn’t even seen a single Epic item despite clearing it so many times.

No matter how much Lu Li trusted his teammates, there was no way that he was going to reveal this bug.

It was something that was discovered after level 70!

The only hope was that they would be able to avoid a situation where Wandering was in the air while the tigers weren’t dead.

They would need Lady Luck to smile upon them.

After this, it was basically just fighting the Boss. Even when the Boss’ HP dropped to the point where he went Beserk, it wasn’t a guaranteed victory, so everyone was just trudging along mindlessly.

This continued, until High Priest Thekal fell to the ground. Even then, some players were still in a trance.

“Did we pass?”

“Hell yeah we did!”

Whistling and cheering immediately erupted. Lu Li rubbed his numb face and flashed a smile.

“Hurry up and see if the tiger dropped! Hurry! Dreamy!” Azure Sea Breeze pushed Remnant Dream until she was basically on top the Boss’ corpse.

“Do you have a lot of guild points?” Remnant Dream asked as she turned around and looked at him.

“Quite a lot. More than you, anyway,” Azure Sea Breeze said, feeling quite happy with himself.

Main Tank items were quite easy to get. After all, he was also the number one Main Tank in Ruling Sword, so many items were given straight to him because of Lu Li. Even if he had to pay guild points to receive the items, it was more just for symbolic significance. Furthermore, being a Main Tank, he also had bonus guild points given to him. As a result, he quickly gathered a large pool of guild points.

Previously, Remnant Dream had spent quite a lot of guild points on equipment, so it was true that she didn’t have as much as Azure Sea Breeze.

“Hehe, Hachi Chan will help me out,” Remnant Dream said as she hugged Hachi Chan.

“Hachi Chan, don’t do this. Why would you? Am I not good enough to you?”

Azure Sea Breeze’s sorrow now flowed like a river. Although he had quite a lot of guild points, they were still incomparable to Hachi Chan’s. Hachi Chan didn’t seem like she needed any equipment from the Instance Dungeons.

“Dreamy promised me that she wouldn’t put her little leg on my stomach when we sleep,” Hachi Chan said. Clearly, she thought that this deal was worth it.

“Pft,” Azure Sea Breeze snorted, then wiped the corner of his mouth and huffed, “So be it!”

“Hey! What do you mean by little leg? Hachi Chan, if you dare to lie again, I’ll press on you until you die!” Remnant Dream threatened.

“Hey, are you guys done?” Lu Li couldn’t stand it any longer.

“The mount might not even drop, and you guys are already fighting over it?

This was similar to a television drama. Two people imagined that they had a large sum of money to split. In the end, they split the money unevenly, which caused a massive fight. After the fight, they realised that it was all imaginary.

“This is a Nightmare Difficulty on top of a First Clear! Adding onto my luck, how can it not drop?” Remnant Dream glared at Lu Li.

She had already predicted that the mount would drop. How dare Lu Li try to dampen her hopes?

If only she was stronger than him, she would definitely teach him a lesson.


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