The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1501 - I’m Afraid That I Don’t Deserve You 

Chapter 1501: I’m Afraid That I Don’t Deserve You

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Wen Shan reached out abruptly to cover his face, embarrassed.

 “Ah!” Nalan Chunbo suddenly dropped the towel and covered his face with his hands.

 Wen Shan stood up, alarmed. “Are you alright? I—I didn’t mean to. Are you okay? Let me see,” Wen Shan said anxiously but was suddenly picked up by Nalan Chunbo who stood up too. Before she could protest, Nalan Chunbo was lying on the sofa and she was lying on top of him.

 Wen Shan was speechless.

 Had she been deceived again?

 Wen Shan raised her hand and hit his chest frustratedly.

 “You poked my eyes,” Nalan Chunbo said and widened his reddened eyes to prove it.

 Wen Shan frowned. Her hand on his chest slowly moved upward to the side of his face.

 “Sorry.” She was just too nervous.

 Nalan Chunbo smiled and held her hand. He wouldn’t dwell on it since it was making her uneasy.

 “So, can you tell me what happened with you today?” Nalan Chunbo remembered and asked gently.

 Wen Shan leaned against his chest. She did not know how they had suddenly become like this.

 She could hear his heart beating steadily.

 “I went to Le Tian’s house today,” Wen Shan whispered.

 Nalan Chunbo nodded. He knew because he was the one who had sent her there.

 “Le Tian had been tutoring Ding Junqi’s son, so that little devil went to find Le Tian today, but…” Wen Shan trailed off, looking uncertain.

 Nalan Chunbo waited patiently for a while, then just pursed his lips and lowered his gaze when he realized Wen Shan wasn’t going to continue.

 After all, Nalan Chunbo was so much older than her, he was a lot more experienced and mature in dealing with things..

 After thinking about Wen Shan’s unusual questions just now, Nalan Chunbo put her on the sofa and sat up next to her. “Ding Junqi’s son resembles you and has the same birthmark as you.”

 It was a statement, not a question.

 Wen Shan lifted her head and looked at Nalan Chunbo carefully. She had been running around all afternoon but still could not find a way to calm herself down.

 “Is that why you refused to see me this afternoon and went to your brother?” Nalan Chunbo sighed helplessly. “It’s not easy to give birth to a child, and you did not even go through pregnancy. What are you worried about?”

 1“But…” Wen Shan started eagerly then stopped. Even he had said that the both of them looked similar and had the same birthmarks, so Ding Junqi’s son might be her son.

 Nalan Chunbo held her hand. Her small hand was enveloped by his.

 Nalan Chunbo leaned over and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Don’t worry, I will accompany you to find the answer.”

 She was getting lost in his sweetness.

 Wen Shan was touched by Nalan Chunbo’s seriousness and reached out to hug his neck, resting her chin on his shoulder. Tears ran down her cheeks as she said aggrievedly, “I thought you wouldn’t want me. I thought you wouldn’t believe me. I have been searching all afternoon to prove that the child has nothing to do with me. I feel like I don’t deserve you.”

 Nalan Chunbo gently patted her back. He felt sorry for this little girl who had been running around aimlessly all afternoon to try and figure this out.


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