The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1318 - Wen Jie Got Angry

Chapter 1318: Wen Jie Got Angry

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Le Tian quickly caught up to Wen Shan and held the umbrella for her. This was the first time she had seen Wen Shan behave like this. Wen Shan, like her, was a carefree spirit, that’s why they had become best friends.

“Le Tian, I believe you now, men are the worst! But I can’t get him out of my mind. How do I do it?” Wen Shan turned back and looked at Le Tian. Her sobbing and sorrowful face made Le Tian’s heart clench in sympathy.

Both ladies squeezed under an umbrella. The rain pitter-pattered on the umbrella and their shoulders, the endless sound echoing into their ears.

Le Tian had once had her heart broken because of love too, hence, she would rather lock herself up in her house making models than go out and meet people. A few years ago, she had a fall out with her parents because she refused blind date arrangements, and she hadn’t gone home since.

Le Tian threw the umbrella away. Both girls were drenched in the heavy rain. “Cry it out. No one knows you’re crying now.”

Crying in the rain was great because the rain would take away the tears before anyone saw it.

It was quite painful when the heavy rain splashed on her face, but Wen Shan didn’t cry. She had cried so many times because of Nalan Chunbo, and now there were no more tears left.

There were no more tears, probably because she had instinctively let him go already.

Although, despite her broken heart, she would still jump into action the moment she saw him.

Wen Shan stretched her arms out and hugged Le Tian, and Le Tian hugged her back. Both of them stayed silent in the rain.

Nalan Chunbo drove past them. Wen Shan, who was facing away from the car, didn’t see him, while Nalan Chunbo, who was buried in his thoughts, didn’t see the two girls outside the window.

Life was full of regretful moments because of so many missed chances.

Just like the two of them.

It was already dark when Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi arrived home. Gu Tianmu’s car was in the garage, indicating he had already returned.

However, Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei didn’t expect to see such an unbelievable scene when they entered the house.

Both of them were standing by the door, witnessing a rather astonishing scene—Wen Jie slapping Gu Tianmu.

Her mild-mannered and gentle mother-in-law had slapped someone.

Perhaps Wen Jie had used too much force as she stumbled back into the table. When Gu Tianmu rushed forward to help her, Wen Jie shrieked in anguish, “Don’t touch me!”

Gu Juexi’s face suddenly turned somber. “Get out, all of you.”

At Gu Juexi’s command, several maids who were cleaning the living hall quickly stopped and dashed away. It was better not to be nosy at a time like this.

“Mom!” Ye Yuwei hurriedly went to help Wen Jie and looked at the anxious Auntie Qian. “Auntie Qian, please go upstairs and watch the kids, don’t let them come down.”

Auntie Qian nodded frantically and rushed up the stairs.

The slap had turned Gu Tianmu’s right cheek red and swollen. Wen Jie must have slapped him really hard.

Gu Tianmu had told Wen Jie everything. Father and son were really two peas in a pod. Regardless of their right or wrong deductions, they would inform the person involved everything, without concealing any details.

Even though their frank and blunt actions brought nothing but condemnation and reprimanding.

Wen Jie was so furious that her chest was heaving. “Do you think you can fix everything with a mere apology? Can you resurrect Didi?”

Wen Jie was shouting at the top of her lungs. Ye Yuwei believed that Gu Tianmu had told Wen Jie everything. That was the downside of a man like him—excessively frank and straightforward.

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