The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 1181 - Gu Juexi’s Capability

Chapter 1181: Gu Juexi’s Capability

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Wen Tao took a deep breath, telling himself to be calm and suppress his desire, but the fair devil was holding onto him with her long legs and didn’t intend to let him go.

Xiao Yaojing was a fair devil and Wen Tao had verified her power himself.

In the end, he lost to the fair devil despite his exhaustion and gave her the answer she wanted.

Xiao Yaojing was exceptionally satisfied and rewarded him accordingly.

Neither could remember who made the first move.

Gu Mansion.

Gu Juexi returned in the afternoon. He rushed home immediately after their helicopter landed. Yuan Mo was there, playing with Xixi in the living hall. He greeted Gu Juexi when he saw him but Gu Juexi ignored him and sprinted upstairs to look for his wife.

There was no sign of her in their bedroom, the study, or the children’s room.

Gu Juexi hurriedly rushed downstairs again and asked frantically, “Butler Kim, where is Young Mistress?”

“Young Mistress went out early in the morning, she went to the office I suppose.” Before Butler Kim could finish speaking, Gu Juexi was out the door.

Ye Xicheng and Yuan Mo exchanged confused glances, clueless of what had happened.

Auntie Qian emerged from the kitchen and grumbled, “What’s going on with Young Master and Young Mistress now?”

Butler Kim was equally clueless, although this familiar scene was giving him deja-vu. Young Master was only this anxious the last time Young Mistress left. He wondered if he should inform Madam about this scenario.

At the moment, Ye Yuwei was discussing a new collaboration deal with RT Group. Since Geng Yisheng was not a stranger to her, they had chosen a coffee shop downstairs for their discussion.

RT Group had progressed by leaps and bounds over the years. Several of their associated artists were A-listers.

After briefly reading RT Group’s application, Ye Yuwei turned to Geng Yisheng and said, “Mr. Geng, your company doesn’t need a loan to handle the turnover. I persist with my suggestion and don’t recommend taking the loan. You have to pay for the interest rate of the loan after all.”

At her remark, Geng Yisheng chuckled. He picked up his cup of coffee and said, “You’re right, my company’s funds are enough for the turnover, but it’s not affluent so I will feel better if I have some money in my hand. Now, in conjunction with the production of original content, I would like to invite Gu Enterprise to take a share of the spoils.”

Come to think of it, Gu Juexi had the same kind of resourcefulness. This had been proven by Qian Feng Group’s decision to share the profitable resort project with Gu Enterprise.

A media production company would make a lot of money if they ventured into producing original content, yet they were willing to share the pie with Gu Enterprise.

Ye Yuwei put down the documents and picked up her coffee cup. “Mr. Geng, if you’re doing this for the sake of past incidents, it’s not necessary. As you said, in business, it’s every man for himself.”

Mr. Geng blushed a bright red upon Ye Yuwei’s mention of past events.

“I was too selfish back then. I should’ve taken your side and defended you. It was Mr. Gu who approached me himself. I learned a lesson from him, and being selfish didn’t end well. If it wasn’t for Mr. Gu’s generosity in providing me the funds, there would be no RT Group today.”

Ye Yuwei stirred her coffee, surprised. She had heard PA Wen talk about this incident but now that she was hearing it from Geng Yisheng himself, her heart was full of indescribable feelings.

If Geng Yisheng didn’t come forward to prove her innocence, she would’ve destroyed herself with her own recklessness.

Geng Yisheng did it because of Gu Juexi, but Gu Juexi had never told her anything.

He just let her hate him.

Before Ye Yuwei could say anything, the door to the coffee shop swung open.

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