Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 510 - The Best Arrangement

Chapter 510: The Best Arrangement

Tang Xi knew that this matter was not easy to solve when she heard that the anti-terrorism force was involved in it. Although she was not familiar with that circle, she knew that if the anti-terrorism force cooperated with gangsters in order to resist an organization, it meant that it had made up its mind to eliminate this organization.

Thinking of this, Tang Xi was worried. She drew closer to Qiao Liang. “Is it a lot of trouble?”

“We lost ammunitions worth two hundred million Yuan and some of our researchers and designers were injured. Two of them were arrested and some of them are missing.” Qiao Liang took a look at Tang Xi. “We have a research institute in a forest on the border between the US and Mexico, which was destroyed by them.”

Tang Xi’s heart missed a beat. She pursed her lips. “In this case, I will handle the acquisition of the Qin’s Group myself, and you had better concentrate on this matter. If I can’t handle it, I will put it aside for the period of time. After all, I have tolerated Qin Xinying for so long and I don’t mind waiting for a little while longer.”

Qiao Liang took a look at Tang Xi and smiled. “That’s very nice of you.”

Tang Xi shrugged and Qiao Liang put his arm around her shoulder, saying with a smile, “It’s alright. We’ll just lose some researchers at the most. We will be able to save our agents. But we and the Mexican gangs never interfered with each other. How could they set us up this time? I just can’t let it go.”

They had sunk ammunitions worth several hundred million Yuan into the sea, but they had reclaimed their loss from their enemies. Long Xiao was never a pushover.

Besides, with the support of Long Xiao Group, Long Xiao Organization wouldn’t be beaten easily. The anti-terrorism force wouldn’t be able to bring them down easily as they wished.

After all, Long Xiao Group was on good terms with many countries’ governments.

Since they had started this battle, they didn’t mind teaching them a lesson.

“Will this matter affect Lu Li’s relationship with Sister Wen Ning?” Tang Xi frowned. “Last time…”

Qiao Liang didn’t expect that Tang Xi was still worrying about others. He smiled. “Do you still have time to worry about their relationship?”

Tang Xi paused and smiled. “Sister Wen Ning has helped us a lot, and I feel it’s a pity if the two of them part.”

Qiao Liang lay beside her. “Alright, let’s go to sleep. Let’s decide whether to start to purchase the Qin’s Group now after Little Five finds out who is the actual owner of the Qin’s Consortium tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Tang Xi grunted in response, got into Qiao Liang’s arms and began to sleep. However, she couldn’t fall asleep after quite a long time. She called Qiao Liang who opened his eyes and looked at her. “What’s up?”

“Don’t you feel it’s like a dream?” Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang. “I came back to life in Xiao Rou’s body after I died, and helped Grandpa find his daughter. Do you think it’s destined?”

Qiao Liang froze. Was her death destined?…

Qiao Liang couldn’t even bear the thought of it. He suddenly hugged Tang Xi tightly. “If your death is destined, I’d rather not accept this destiny.”

Tang Xi paused and then fell into silence. After quite a while, she put her arm around Qiao Liang’s waist, whispering, “But if I didn’t become Xiao Rou, I wouldn’t have known you had done so much for me, nor would I know you love me so and there were so many misunderstandings between us. And we may not be together again. In fact…” Tang Xi paused and continued. “I appreciate this arrangement of God.”

Qiao Liang felt his heart missed a beat and he hugged her more tightly. “I can’t bear this experience again.”

She would never know how desperate he was when he heard that she died. He couldn’t even stand. When he finally struggled up, he collapsed to the ground in the next second. He lay on the ground for as long as two hours before he forced himself to get up and search for her. He had made up his mind that he had to find her even if he would only get a body. Then the moment that he found her finger, he just wanted to kill himself.

He couldn’t imagine what would happen to him if she didn’t come back to him with the identity of Xiao Rou… Would he starve himself to death? Or would he force himself to continue to live and end up being like the walking dead?

He dared not imagine it.

Hearing his words, Tang Xi nodded with a smile. “I won’t let you experience that again.”

I don’t want to lose you again.

It was so painful to lose the one you love. It’s like ripping her heart out of her body and suffocatingly painful.

“Don’t think too much. God has given us the best arrangement.” Qiao Liang kissed her on the forehead. It was the best arrangement that she was by his side and he stayed with her.

Tang Xi closed her eyes with a smile. Yes, this was the best arrangement.

She was Grandpa’s granddaughter, Mom’s neice, and Qiao Liang’s lover.

She gradually fell asleep. Suddenly, the smile on her face was gone and she frowned. She saw a pair of hands with white rubber gloves opened her chest and took out her heart, which had stopped beating and was soaked in a blue liquid…

“No!” Tang Xi suddenly woke up and sat up with cold sweat on her forehead…

Qiao Liang was awakened by Tang Xi’s scream. He sat up only to see Tang Xi was pale and sweating. He reached out and took her into his arms, saying gently, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Tang Xi nodded and looked at Qiao Liang. “I dreamed that someone had taken my heart.”

“Silly girl, it’s just a dream.” Qiao Liang said and kissed her on the forehead. He then got up, poured a cup of warm water for her and fed it to her. “Can you still fall asleep?”

Tang Xi smiled. “It’s just a nightmare. I’m alright.”

Tang Xi lay down again with a smile, but she was in a panic in her heart. She wanted to initiate 008 and ask him only to find that she couldn’t initiate the system…

Qiao Liang held her in his arms and gently patted her back. “It’s okay. Don’t think too much.”

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