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Chapter 939 - The Day when the Palace Bled

Chapter 939: The Day when the Palace Bled

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After the news of the chief officer of the gambling den being captured became widespread, everyone went wild. The Wei Wu Army was so powerful? Even the Black Feather Army would not dare to capture the chief officers in this manner, right?

Moreover, the critical point was that after this event, everyone believed that the gambling dens were not affiliated with the Wei Wu Army, as after all, none of the gambling dens would sacrifice their reputation for money.

Therefore, the Wei Wu Army was innocent and that attracted more people to place their bets as the gambling den was unable to control the outcome of the bet.

After this event, everyone witnessed the power of the Wei Wu Army and dared to place their bets…

The Song gambling den asked people to place their bets regarding whether the Wei Wu Army was daring to sacrifice their advantageous position in the territory so as to attack the Black Feather Army from behind.

Many people laughed. Although the Wei Wu Army was powerful, the total strength of Black Feather Army at the Wei Bei Pass was more than 20 times of that of the Wei Wu Army. If the Wei Wu Army wanted to fight based on their geographical position, they could give it a shot.

The placing of bets definitely gave one the opportunity of earning money. If the Wei Wu Army was in their right mind, they would definitely not exit from the mountains!

In the end, after three days of attack on the Yun An City by the Wei Wu Army, the Black Feather Army with 3000 soldiers in the Yun An City lost…

Everyone who placed their bet on the fact that the Wei Wu Army would not dare to leave the mountains were stunned. What the f*ck? Why did they leave the mountains? What benefits could attacking the Yun An City bring to them? Why didn’t they follow the rules!

After a week, over a hundred sets of armor were shipped to the King Lu Mountain and Lu Xiaoyu received all of them.

Lu Shu took a look and was unhappy. The magical armors were similar to the ordinary ones. He had initially demanded for both armor and weapons from Zhao Shuai but Zhao Shuai was only willing to give him the armor as weapons were more expensive and the gambling den was unable to afford it.

This was different from what Lu Shu knew. By right, armor should cost a few times more than weapons.

After Zhao Shuai’s explanation, Lu Shu understood that weapons needed to resonate with Spirit Qi while armor only needed to be sturdy and able to withstand blows.

In the Luniverse, there were very few weapons that could resonate well with Spirit Qi. Most of them were with the Four Lords of Heaven and the King of Gods. Therefore, the weapons were extremely expensive!

At this moment, Zhao Shuai took out his saber in front of Lu Shu, implying that he could only use a mediocre weapon like the saber.

Lu Shu was stunned for a moment. Wait a minute, looking at Zhao Shuai’s saber which had a similar quality to the long spear at the remains in Beimang, that was counted as a mediocre weapon?

Then what about the trident that was better than the long spears? Why did the Earth, which was lacking in Spirit Qi, have weapons which the Luniverse was lacking in?

Was it on purpose or was it pure coincidence?

However, Lu Shu did not force Zhao Shuai. The armor were good enough to increase the survival rate of the Wei Wu Army.

Initially, the Wei Wu Army was already more powerful than the Black Feather Army. With the magical armor, it was harder for them to die… They could do anything they wanted!

Zhao Shuai smiled, “The Song gambling den is sincere about collaborating with you, commander, we look forward to working with you!”

“Yes yes yes,” said Lu Shu, “I look forward to working with you!”

Three days later, another bet was included in the Song gambling den. Within one week, the Wei Wu Army would attack the Black Feather Army several times.

With more bets, the loss was greater. The genius, disciples and daughters of the aristocrats and the gamblers had learnt their lesson. They began to study the loss and wanted to reduce the risk.

Of course, the reduction of risk was within expectations. For example, someone bought all the bets for this round. He was clearly trying to use leverage to maximize returns.

Everyone was extremely confident. Even if one lost, one would not suffer a huge loss, right? Perhaps everyone would earn instead!

In the end… The Wei Wu Army attacked the Black Feather Army 21 times in the week. On average, they went out for an attack three times a day. No matter where they went, they attacked and left immediately and did not even bother about killing.

The Black Feather Army were extremely confused. One moment, they received the news from a horseman that Wei Wu Army had arrived. In the next moment, they received another piece of news that the Wei Wu Army left after killing two horsemen.

What were they doing?!

The commander of the Black Feather Army sitting in the tent was infuriated. The Wei Wu Army was too arrogant! However, he did not dare to chase them. In the situation that the master was unable to participate in the battle, four Rank One, a group of Rank Three and Rank Two could not make any serious damages to the Black Feather Army.

Moreover, the Wei Wu Army obtained over a hundred sets of magical armor out of the blue. With these sets of magical armor, the soldiers did not suffer any injuries even after being attacked…

The people who made bets in the palace were frustrated. What was the Wei Wu Army up to? 21 attacks in a week? Were they mad?

This was the first time in the history of the Luniverse when an army did such things.

It was said that many gamblers stood at the side of the Long Yin River and were going to jump at any moment…

This time, the Song gambling den sent more than 800 sets of armor to the King Lu Mountain, showing how much profits they had made. Lu Shu was exhilarated over the fact that although the Wei Wu Army had stopped obtaining distress points from learning how to read, he obtained more distress points from the people who placed bets.

Zhao Shuai was also very happy as he was the person who brought up the suggestion of collaborating with the Wei Wu Army as the dealers to the aristocrat of the Song family. Everyone made money and he could use better weapons too…

After that, the Song gambling den started another bet. Would the Wei Wu Army win or lose when they fought against the Black Feather Army?

This time, the other gambling dens had figured out the pattern and followed what the Song gambling den did. All the gambling dens placed slaves at the doors of the Song gambling den so they could adjust their rates accordingly to the Song gambling den.

Suddenly, all the gambling dens in the palace followed the Song gambling den. The boss of the Song gambling den was grinning from ear to ear. What a profitable business!

However, he had to discuss with each of the gambling dens. Although everyone could earn together, mimicking the Song gambling den would definitely reduce their profits. If everyone wanted to earn together, they had to split the profits! The Song gambling den also had to split the earnings with the Wei Wu Army!

After considering for several hours, the bosses of the various gambling dens all agreed. That was because if the Song gambling den were collaborating with the Wei Wu Army, it would be extremely easy for the Song gambling den to go against the rest of the gambling dens. Therefore, harmony brings wealth!

The entire palace thought that the Wei Wu Army was powerful. Therefore, many people would place their bets on the Wei Wu Army winning, there were no suspense at all! After all, the Wei Wu Army was so powerful!

In this round, both parties did not have much to lose. The gamblers realized that the dealers also agreed that the Wei Wu Army had similar power as the Black Feather Army. One army was powerful and one was superior in terms of manpower. Therefore, there was nothing fishy in this round. Even if there was, the dealer could not make much profits.

In the end, on the second day, the Wei Wu Army headed to Nangeng City where the Black Feather Army was stationed at and started the battle. Apart from the Wei Bei Pass and Li Yang Pass, Nangeng City was the place where the most soldiers were stationed at. There were more than 10,000 soldiers!

This time, the chief officer of the Song gambling den reported the situation real-time and all the gamblers became excited. It was rare for the gambling den to be so open.

At the moment when the Wei Wu Army and the Black Feather Army were at a stalemate, the gambling den suddenly started another bet. How many Wei Wu Army soldiers would die?

This was a bet with a high loss rate. People who bet on “€œzero deaths” would lose a certain amount of money and people who bet on “one to one hundred deaths” would lose another sum of money, and so on…

All of the gambling dens of the palace were betting. Everyone placed bets, including the aristocrats. Nobody cared about winning or losing as they were having fun!

After many people placed their bets, the Wei Wu Army suddenly retreated and everyone began to keep track of how many people died from the Wei Wu Army.

In the end… Nobody died…

Everyone was stunned. Almost all the other options had bets but only a handful placed their bets on “zero deaths”.

Why? Weapons were merciless. How would there be a battle that involved zero deaths? What kind of nonsense was it for the Wei Wu Army to not have any deaths? How did they do that?

In fact, apart from Liu Yizhao who was fighting with the Rank One commander of the opponent, Lu Xiaoyu, Lu Shu, Anthony, Johnson and the Bishop did nothing apart from saving people…

Someone called this day “the day where the palace bled”. According to rumors, many gamblers jumped into the Long Yin River consecutively…

At this point in time, everyone wanted to kill Lu Shu when they met in the palace.

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