Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1736 - The Prime of Tongtian Sends a Message

Chapter 1736: The Prime of Tongtian Sends a Message

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“It’s difficult for other people to kill Royal Dome’s prince but for me, it’s easy!” Ximen Shuoxue explained. “When the last prince died, it was this prince who promoted our family which is why he had no qualms about me! Two hours ago, I slipped him a box of tonic, and not long after he returned to his palace, he was pronounced dead!”

“You put poison in his medicine?” Chen Xiaobei frowned. “What happens when they link it to you?”

“Don’t worry!” Ximen Yuxua said confidently. “It was a box of aphrodisiac! He’s the type of person who worries about losing face. He’ll only take the pill secretly. He won’t tell anyone about it! No one will ever find out that I was the one who gave him those pills!”

“Well done!” Chen Xiaobei praised. “Royal Dome falling into chaos means that the joint attack on Saint Duke is already half-crippled! That is exactly what I needed to hear!”

“Not just half! It’s more like the whole thing!” Ximen Shuoxue said.

“The whole thing? Why do you say that?”

“Not only did my scheme work out, but so did Yuwen Yuanqin’s plan. He destroyed the thousands of spacecraft that the Yuwen Family had prepared for war. No one knows who did it, of course. With two major disastrous events happening simultaneously in such a short time, Tenshou and Royal Dome are in a panic! They are worried that Saint Duke has sent droves of spies and are going to launch attacks that are even more severe!”

Chen Xiaobei cocked his head to the side. “That means Tenshou and Royal Dome will be focused on catching the ‘spies’ for quite some time. So, the joint-attack would have to be delayed indefinitely!”

Ximen Shuoxue nodded enthusiastically, “That’s right! Before Tenshou and Royal Dome can stabilize their internal state of affairs, they won’t be attacking Saint Dome! They are worried that during the battle, their own backyard would go up in flames! Then their losses would outweigh their gain!”

“Good! Very good!” Chen Xiaobei clapped. “Both of you helped me gain precious time! Right now, just keep the situation under control. I will need to settle some other things for the moment. I’ll contact you later on so that we can make further plans!”

“Yes, sir!” Ximen Shuoxue replied before hanging up.

“So? Is it good news?” Ling Qingfeng asked hopefully.

Chen Xiaobei smiled. “Everything is under control. Tenshou and Royal Dome’s joint-attack is officially scrapped! I am available to help you solve your problem. When I’m done, I will leave for Tenshou to plan my next move!”

“How… How did that happen…?” Ling Qingfeng gasped. “How could two powerful starfields joint-attack be scrapped just like that? What are you? A god?”

“No, I’m not a god. I’m just good at chess!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “I found two very good chess pieces and planted them in the right positions. As a result, I unexpectedly reaped a serendipitous gain! It’s just that simple!”

“You… You are incredible…” Ling Qingfeng exclaimed. “In the midst of shooting the breeze, you were able to influence the situation in the Nine Zones! Apart from you, I’ve never met a second person who’s able to that!”

“Mm, this buttering up is very enjoyable!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. “Let’s go to Divine Dragon Starfield now! I will help you solve all the problems there!”

“Thank you…” Ling Qingfeng blushed. She did not know why but curiously, her heartbeat significantly increased.

She could not put her finger on it, but she was thinking about how manly and dashing Chen Xiaobei was! There was just something very charming about him!

Ling Qingfeng quickly tried to cast the thought from her mind. ‘This is wrong! I have never liked men! Why do I suddenly feel like this? Could… Could Zhufeng have changed me?’

They flew back to Black Tortoise Capital City.

After going through a portal, Chen Xiaobei and Ling Qingfeng returned to Divine Dragon starfield.

To avoid arousing suspicion, Wugui Kojiro returned to Tenshou Starfield on his own to make some preparations in advance.

Divine Dragon Starfield.

Due to Divine Dragon Ruin’s location being so hidden, and because the people of Divine Dragon did not want outsiders getting in, there were no portals connected to the ruin.

So, although Chen Xiaobei and Ling Qingfeng said they were going to the ruin immediately, they actually spent seven whole days to get there.

They traveled by spacecraft, of course. Ling Qingfeng was the one who flew it.

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, wasted not a second and began to cultivate.

Other than marrying Luo Puti, Chen Xiaobei had to complete the task he and Lady Nuwo agreed on – to break through to God-Ascension cultivation in three months. Including the seven days journey, it had been a month since the agreement.

While two months might have sounded like a long time, Chen Xiaobei still had a lot of things he needed to attend to. Realistically, his cultivation time would be reduced again and again!

That was why Chen Xiaobei had to use any available free time to increase his cultivation.

There were twenty-four hours in one day. Chen Xiaobei cultivated for seven days, not stopping even for a second and cultivated for a total of 168 hours.

“Zhufeng… We’re here… You can come out now… Zhufeng…” Ling Qingfeng called out.

Chen Xiaobei woke up from his state of cultivation as he let out a long breath.


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Ethereal Phase; Lifespan: 2,570; Health: 223,800; Combat power: 203,800]

Chen Xiaobei checked his cultivation excitedly.

“168 hours of cultivation, a 168,000 increase in health and combat power! That’s quite a significant improvement!” Chen Xiaobei thought to himself. “But I’m still 126,200 combat power away from the peak of Ethereal Cultivation’s 330,000 combat power. That means I need to cultivate for another 1262 hours. That’s 53 days! I still have another 70 days left! Within this period of time, I have to make sure that Tenshou and Royal Dome cannot launch their joint-attack! And then, I will have to complete the third round of the betrothal contest, and finally, marry Puti! I don’t have 53 days to cultivate! I have to come up with other ideas.

“The first alternative is to use the Daylight Cache! With my current lifespan, I can use the Daylight Cache for 25 minutes. That would save me 25 days! But I will need to continue to cultivate for another 28 days after that! The second solution would be to use the Ambergris! The 100,000-year Ambergris can increase my combat power by 10,000! The 1 million year Ambergris can give me an increase of 10,000 combat power! That would bring me really close to the peak phase of Ethereal Cultivation. This is the fastest way!”

Chen Xiaobei was about to take out the Ambergris when his phone rang.


[The Prime of Tongtian sent you a message.]

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