Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1654 - The Battle of the Dragon Seeds

"I somehow think that this Zi Hu isn't as simple as she seems, she might be setting us up, we should keep an eye on her."

Wan Xiao suddenly transmitted his voice to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan nodded with a grin.

Perhaps Wan Xiao did not even realize that he had gotten used to his new identity as Qin Nan's mount. He even said 'we' when he was reflecting on the situation.

"We can enter through here."

After flying for some time, Zi Hu came to a stop and flicked her finger, shattering an ancient tree into pieces.

It revealed a giant, pitch-black hole.

Qin Nan and Wan Xiao swiftly entered it without hesitation.


When they came out of the hole on the other side, they arrived at the real, confined space. Their eyes flickered with astonishment upon seeing the sight before them.

Their hearts pounded heavily too.

The space was filled with a shocking presence of Qi, with wisps of immortal intents.

Just absorbing the Qi alone would benefit them greatly.

The place ahead was an ancient battlefield covered in countless remains. A dragon corpse, in particular, stood out among them.

Most importantly, further away into the distance, mystical rays, or immortal glow were rising into the clouds, accompanied by rare phenomena.

Qin Nan had already noticed an ancient tree engulfed in flames, a statue engraved with immortal runes, and an ancient lake with a mystical glow.

They were all extremely valuable loot.

"I forgot to mention, this place is a land of treasure, you can easily find artifacts and successions everywhere."

Zi Hu explained while flying forward, "That being said, there isn't any extraordinary succession here."

"The greatest succession here is the Dragon Seeds."

Qin Nan and Wan Xiao collected their thoughts and followed behind Zi Hu.

Despite learning there was no extraordinary succession here, their eyes continued to scan the shocking loot across the place.

It was very rare to see the whole place covered in treasure.


Qin Nan raised his head as he sensed something.

At the end of the battlefield was a majestic dojo.

Immortal rays flickered rapidly from the dojo. Qin Nan could also hear some faint explosions. It was quite obvious that a battle was taking place on it.

However, that was not all of it.

Behind the dojo stood an enormous mountain over nineteen thousand zhang tall, and at the top, a huge dragon with formidable immortal intent and crimson-red scales was lying on it.

The dragon did not seem to be alive, yet Qin Nan could still feel its incredible presence from such a great distance away.

"What...what kind of dragon is that?"

Wan Xiao was startled.

As a Golden-Winged Giant Peng, his bloodline was a lot stronger than a Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragon, but the presence of the dragon before him was simply too terrifying.

"It's the remains of an Earth Immortal Dragon. Even though it's dead, its body is perfectly preserved."

Zi Hu said, "But, if you are planning to claim it, you must have the Dragon Seeds."

"If you tried to claim it by force, the mechanisms protecting this place will erase you."

Hearing this, the doubts in Qin Nan's heart dissipated.

Only the two Peerless Geniuses riding the Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragons were qualified to compete for the Dragon Immortal Seed.

Therefore, the other cultivators were planning to compete for the Dragon Seeds because they were aiming to claim the remains of the Earth Immortal Dragon, apart from being their interest in the Dragon Seeds' power.

A well-preserved corpse of an Earth Immortal Dragon was incredibly useful because of its dragon scales, dragon blood, dragon heart, etc.

"Wu Huisheng has taken the Dragon Immortal Seed?"

Zi Hu was stunned.

"He took it?"

Qin Nan and Wan Xiao were startled. They immediately glanced at the dojo.

Apart from over twenty cultivators, hundreds of different living creatures were taking part in the battle too, executing various kinds of Immortal Arts.

In the chaotic battle, there were eight jade stones with the size of a palm, and were covered in dragon runes.

These jade stones were the Dragon Seeds.

However, the eight Dragon Seeds looked exactly the same. The Dragon Immortal Seed that Zi Hu mentioned was not among them.

"What a surprise, Liang Qi couldn't even last for more than a thousand breaths against Wu Huisheng."

Zi Hu let out a soft sigh.

"Who's Wu Huisheng and Liang Qi?"

Wan Xiao asked.

"That man is Liang Qi, the core disciple of the Ten Desires Sect, one of the thirteen Supreme Daoism factions. He's one of the two Peerless Geniuses that were riding the Ten-Clawed Immortal Dragons."

Zi Hu pointed forward. Qin Nan and Wan Xiao followed her finger and saw a short-haired young man in a blue robe.

The young man was covered in blood, with some serious injuries. However, his eyes looked expressionless, and the Immortal Arts he was executing were incredibly powerful too.

"As for Wu Huisheng, he's the strongest core disciple of the Dao Execution Gate. Even though the man has only mastered the Four Extremities, he had defeated several Peerless Geniuses that have probed the Dao Realm."

Zi Hu's eyes flickered with a murderous intent as she spoke, "Even Ding Tianqi doesn't stand a chance against him."

Wan Xiao was astounded.

The man had defeated geniuses that had probed the Dao Realm when he had only mastered the Four Extremities, and even Ding Tianqi could not take him on?

How strong exactly is this Wu Huisheng?


Qin Nan squinted.

He had long waited to stumble into a Peerless Genius of this level.

"Cultivator Zi Hu, now that the Dragon Immortal Seed has been taken, I can lend you a hand in acquiring the Dragon Seeds, how's that?"

Qin Nan quickly asked without overthinking the situation.

"With Cultivator Qin Nan's help, I'm quite confident to secure the Dragon Seeds."

Zi Hu blinked her eyes and said, "But, if Cultivator Qin Nan is still interested in the Dragon Immortal Seed, you might have a chance still."

"After refining the Dragon Immortal Seed, Wu Huisheng is surely going to enter the remains of the Earth Immortal Dragon."

Qin Nan nodded slightly and said, "We'll discuss it later."

Following it, he vanished and reappeared on the dojo.

"Who's there?"

The cultivators and the living creatures glanced toward him.

"Mm? Such a powerful aura!"

Liang Qi who was competing for a Dragon Seed lifted his head. His expressionless eyes seemed startled for the first time.

"These Dragon Seeds are mine!"

Qin Nan unleashed his aura and grabbed at the Dragon Seeds.

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