Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1182 - Even if the Main Battle is Before Us, I Will Still Kill You!

Chapter 1182: Even if the Main Battle is Before Us, I Will Still Kill You!

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Gu Han hadn’t had the chance to speak yet when a voice drifted over from the distance, filled with a mocking laugh. “Explanation? An account? What kind of explanation? How do you want us to account to you? Even if they really died with remaining grievances, what of it?”

“Who is it? Scram out here!” Jun Mo Xie’s expression turned exceedingly ugly.

Gu Han also roared with rage. “Who is it dressing up as god and playing as the devil? Show yourself!”

A shrill howl rang out in the wind, and several hundred people appeared outside the tent.

The two people in the lead, dressed in white with golden hair crowns, looked disdainfully at the people inside the tent. Their eyes seemed to be filled with extreme arrogance as they fell on Jun Mo Xie!

The crowd felt their eyes blur and before they could see anything, Jun Mo Xie had already appeared outside the tent.

A terrifying aura that was brutal to the extreme surrounded Jun Mo Xie as he stared aggressively at the group that’d just arrived. Ever since he’d reincarnated into this world, Jun Mo Xie had never unleashed his killing intent so unreservedly before!

In that moment, regardless of the people in the tent or outside of it, whether it was the people from the three Holy Lands or the Evil Monarch Manor, everyone could clearly sense the unquenchable determination in Jun Mo Xie’s heart!

Right now, he was like a death god descended on the mortal world! Every move he made and every glance was filled with a deathly aura that would freeze the hearts of men!

Gu Han felt a deathly chill surging from his heart and he hurried out, standing before Jun Mo Xie.

Right now, even a Saint Monarch expert like him could feel an indescribably dangerous feeling from Jun Mo Xie! This was an instinct from the soul when an extremely terrifying threat appeared!

Gu Han had a feeling that right now, if there was just a single word that did not agree with Jun Mo Xie, it would instantly unleash a huge demon. All the people in this world, all the living beings of the universe… would not mean a single thing to him!

What he wanted was simply an explanation, an account!

All the talk about morals and the bigger picture… were completely not in the Evil Monarch’s consideration right now!

The slightest disagreeable word would result in a slaughter! Annihilation!

“Who was it that spoke just now?” Jun Mo Xie had a faint smile on his face, but his eyes were still blazing with extreme rage as he looked at the two newcomers. “What explanation? What kind of account? Even if they really died with remaining grievances, what does it matter? Who spoke those words just now?!”

Gu Han was extremely anxious right now!

This bunch of damn bastards, not appearing when they were needed, and jumping out now when they shouldn’t appear. They could have come earlier, or even later, but they had to arrive at this exact moment! And the moment they arrived, they uttered this kind of dastardly words that even Gu Han could not tolerate!

These two,were the Heaven Saint Palace’s two other Saint Monarchs!

Thunderclap Saint Monarch, Xia Chang Tian, Thunderbolt Saint Monarch, Ji Bo Wen.

These two had guarded the battlefield of the War for Seizing the Heavens for over 3,000 years!

And their cultivation was only a sliver short of Gu Han, a Third level Saint Monarch.

In this era, and in the Xuan Xuan Continent, they were the true peak experts!

The two’s personality were overly extreme, and it was like second nature for them to be unreasonably defensive whether they were in the right or wrong. Because of their obstinate and self-conceited tempers, they were not suitable to stay in the Heaven Saint Palace or even take on the leadership role of the Holy Lands. And so, Gu Han had assigned them to guard the battlefield and temper their minds.

One had to admit that Gu Han was truly a talent at allocating human capital. These two’s personality weaknesses instead become a strong point when applied on the battlefield against the strange races. In these 3,000 years, an uncountable number of strange races experts had perished in their hands!

To the rest of the Xuan Xuan Continent, these two could definitely be hailed as heroes!

With their cultivation and close proximity to the grand battle, how could they not be aware? And so the moment Jun Mo Xie raised the question, Gu Han instantly knew that the source of this problem most likely stemmed from these two!

The reason was very simple. These two had always looked down on Tian Fa! To have the Xuan Beasts represent the Xuan Xuan Continent in battle was an enormous humiliation in their opinions! How could the safety of humans be placed in the hands of a bunch of wild beasts? Even if they won, it would be a huge disgrace ah… The humans who needed the protection of wild animals… Just the thought alone was too humiliating!

At first, Gu Han was still thinking that it wouldn’t be that bad if they didn’t come out, waiting until the later battles to put in a bit of contribution. At most, he and the rest would just pay more attention to Tian Fa’s side, and this anger would be slowly resolved.

But who would have imagined that they would actually appear here!

This way, both sides would have their swords drawn, and there wouldn’t be any grounds to reverse the situation!

At the wrong time, at the wrong place, speaking the wrong words to the wrong person!

The only result for such a combination of wrongs was an even wronger result!

“It was this daddy! What about it?” The Thunderclap Saint Monarch Xia Chang Tian stepped up and snorted as he looked at Jun Mo Xie. “Little lad, judging by your looks, you should be a human; not a Xuan Beast transformed into human form right?”

Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes and stared icily at Xia Chang Tian as he replied, “In this life, the people I hated the most were never my enemies! Everything that the enemy does, no matter how shameless, despicable, dirty, or underhanded, is only to be expected! I will only go and kill them, but I will not hate them.”

Those words were clearly irrelevant to the question asked. But everyone, no matter how far they were, could clearly feel the cold intent in those words.

“You probably hate us for not lending a hand. This old man knows it as well!” A look of rage flared in Xia Chang Tian’s eyes, but he still repressed his temper and snorted. “You want to say that the people you hate the most in this world are those who watch from the side without helping? But have you thought of why this old man was only watching from the side? In this world, there’s always a reason behind everything!”

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and chuckled coldly. “No matter what reason you have, it’s still the same.”

“Preposterous!” Xia Chang Tian snapped angrily. “If not for the impending grand battle, this old man would slay you where you stand!”

Jun Mo Xie roared with laughter, his voice sharp to the extreme as he roared: “Even with the impending grand battle, this daddy will still slay you where you stand!”

Xia Chang Tian’s enraged eyes shrank, as he looked steadily at Jun Mo Xie. For a long time, he did not move, and he finally said with a low voice. “To think that you, as a human, do not even have the slightest bit of sense of a human! Do you know what the difference between Xuan Beasts and humans are?”

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes, treating his words as empty air. Instead, he began to rouse his Spiritual Qi, adjusting his body to its peak. This person’s strength was inestimably deep, and his own cultivation was not sufficient. But no matter what, this person was dead for sure today!

He must die!

Xia Chang Tian nearly exploded from anger! If not for that glance from Gu Han, he would very likely have lost his temper. This young Evil Monarch was simply too lawless! With the kind of status that this old man has, to be willing to come down to his level and explain to him, is already giving him a huge amount of face!

But this kid actually closed his eyes!

Absolutely intolerable!

“Back when the continent was founded, Xuan Beasts were merely the mounts of us humans!” Xia Chang Tian said with an angry harrumph. “And now, tens of thousands of years later, these mere animals actually have the gall to take on the forms of humans and even participate in the War for Seizing the Heavens! Isn’t this a colossal joke!”

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes remained close and he didn’t respond.

“We humans are the lords of all creatures. How can those simple Xuan Beasts stand equally with us?”

“And now, you actually outrightly call those animals your brothers! Could it be that you’ve already reached a point where you are now willing to give up your pride as a human and become a Xuan Beast?” Xia Chang Tian continued. “One must never forget, that our ancestors… are humans!”

At this point, Mei Xue Yan’s eyes were already on the verge of spewing fire, and she could not endure any longer. Tiger King and Bear King had also stood up with rage, ready to start a fight. Only Long Crane was holding them back with all his might! Brother-in-law is here, let’s wait for Brother-in-law to deal with this.

Jun Mo Xie finally opened his eyes slowly. “Are you done speaking?”

Xia Chang Tian snorted coldly. “What are you intending to do?”

“If you’re done speaking, let’s begin!” Jun Mo Xie swept his eyes coldly across the 300 people in front of him as he asked emotionlessly. “I wonder how many of you people insisted on watching by the side? If you have the guts, why don’t you step out? Allow me to broaden my horizons.”

“How presumptuous!” Xia Chang Tian roared with rage: “Jun Mo Xie, you’re courting death!”

Gu Han hurriedly stood between the two, his face was contorted as a bitter gourd. Shaking his hands rapidly, he said, “The grand battle is right upon us, the both of you, just say a few words less. Ai, the situation is already so precarious, must we also wield blades at each other?”

“I don’t want to fight among ourselves either! But it’s this Evil Monarch that you’d invited that is pushing people too far!” Xia Chang Tian snorted. “Leader Gu, I demand an explanation for this matter!”

“Explanation?!” Gu Han nearly fainted. All of a sudden, he roared. “Why kind of explanation do you want from me? What were you doing when our allied troops were fighting in a desperate battle? Why hadn’t you come to assist them? And now, when they are asking you about it, not only did you not admit your mistake, you still demand an explanation from me? What explanation do you want?”

“Those mere Xuan Beasts do not deserve our saving! It would just be a waste of our forces!” Xia Chang Tian retorted stubbornly. “Even without them, we’ve already held off the strange races by ourselves for 10,000 years! But since they’d come here, they were still useful as cannon fodder to reduce the ranks of our enemies.”

“You! …” Gu Han was so angry that he couldn’t catch his breath. “This is a crisis that concerns the lives of the entire continent! And you actually held on to this kind of narrow minded thinking even at this time! If we lose, this will be a tragedy upon every living being in this continent! Xia Chang Tian, you… you’ve disappointed me too deeply! That was eight powerful Saint Venerables… 5,000 Saints and Saint Emperors ah… to be sacrificed this needlessly… y-you…”

“We will not lose this fight!” Xia Chang Tian shot back in disdain. “This old man has already fought the strange races for 3,000 years. Don’t I still know them well enough? For the last 3,000 years, when had they ever managed to cross the Pillar of Heavens Mountains under my watch?”

“But the Pillar of Heavens Mountains is already gone now!!!” Gu Han roared. “Can you wake up to the situation right now? What is the use of that useless stubbornness?”

“SHUT UP!” A shout broke through the air, interrupting the two’s argument!

Gu Han and Xia Chang Tian both froze! None of them had thought that there would be a person who would dare to interrupt them while the two of them spoke!

That shout was naturally from Jun Mo Xie. As the two looked at him with disbelief, Jun Mo Xie simply continued in an emotionless manner. “I have no interest in listening to your arguments! Right now, those people who also refused to provide assistance, please step out on your own! I do not wish to kill wrongfully!”

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