Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 1178 - Brothers are Always Around!

Chapter 1178: Brothers are Always Around!

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“Die ah! Go and die! Die ah, why aren’t you dying, ah!” Mei Xue Yan looked at him coldly. Despite her body trembling and tears streaming endlessly down, she spoke resolutely. “Why are you not dying yet? Could it be that you don’t have the balls to? You want me to send you on your way? No problem, just tell me! I don’t care for a bullsh*t brother like you!”

Right now, Jun Mo Xie was a little anxious. Xue Yan’s words were getting too much. Big Bear had such a candid temper, he would die for the sake of his brother if he was told to, if he really did…

“I… I don’t want to die anymore!” Big Bear suddenly calmed down. He got up slowly, his eyes completely calm.

“You’re not going to die anymore?” Mei Xue Yan looked at him and said emotionlessly. “So now you decide not to die? Are you planning to do something in the battle? En? Is it to die for the sake of saving Crane King? Then Crane King will die for the sake of saving Tiger King, then Tiger King will die for… then the last one will die for the sake of saving me, then I’ll commit suicide! Then we will die! And be reunited again in the Yellow Springs! How great is that ah! Were you thinking of this?”

Big Bear’s body jolted, he looked pleadingly at Mei Xue Yan and cried, “Big Sis, you… I beg you, don’t say that… I… I feel horrible! I feel horrible, ah! Please stop saying anymore…”

Indeed, Mei Xue Yan had completely figured out what Bear King was planning. Of course he didn’t wish for everyone to die, but he already was wishing for death!

From the moment Eagle King died for the sake of saving Bear King, Big Bear already had no lingering attachments for the world! At that moment, he already didn’t want to live anymore! But he couldn’t die at that point in time!

Furthermore, Bear King was still worried for his own brothers! So he decided to work even harder in the next battle, staking all of himself to protect his brothers so they would be able to live on! No matter what the price! Just like what Eagle King had done for him…

Then, if he could die for the sake of saving his brother, then he would also be able to die in peace!

Not letting the sworn brotherhood of Tian Fa down in vain!

But when Mei Xue Yan put it in this way, Big Bear suddenly felt the chills. Fear and panic growing in him. Indeed, he was already so heartbroken from Eagle King’s death from saving himself! Then, if he had died for the other brothers, wouldn’t they be feeling the same as himself right now? Would rather die than continue living?

Everyone would understand the same thing when they put themselves in somebody else’s shoes!

Then, could it really be like what Big sis said? Everyone dies? And we all reunite in the Yellow Springs?!

No, I do not wish for that, it absolutely mustn’t be like that!


If my own brother is in danger, am I supposed to just watch on?

No! I can’t even do that! How can I do that!

Bear King was feeling so conflicted that he did not even know what to say.

“There has never been any exchange between brothers.” Jun Mo Xie said. “Eagle King sacrificed himself for you. His intentions were definitely not for you to return the favour. Don’t tell me that in your heart, doing things for your brothers isn’t something you should do?

“You should! Get it? That’s what makes you brothers! Your brother, doing things for you is what he should do! Relatively, doing things for your brother, no matter what it is, is something that should be expected.” Jun Mo Xie said. “Pain and hurt are inevitable. But for the sake of ensuring your safety, even if it is death, Eagle King did it willingly! What you should really do is absolutely not die for your brother! But live more for his sake! Do more things on their behalf!

“If one day, you die for the sake of saving your brother, although we will be filled with grief, we will also be happy for you! Because you left in a heroic manner! With a peace of mind! With no qualms! Just like little eagle right now!”

Jun Mo Xie spoke solemnly. “We must let our brothers feel proud because we are living on happily; even if they’ve passed, we must make our brothers smile from the Yellow Springs!”

“Yes, I should. I am willing to do anything for my brother! I’m not afraid of death! But I’m afraid that my brother will be disappointed!” Big Bear turned his head and glanced at Eagle King. “But… Ninth… is gone forever.”

“Ninth is not gone. Brothers will forever remain in our hearts!” Jun Mo Xie took in a deep breath. “Until the day you die of old age, your brother, be it Eagle King, your Big Sis, me, or any of the other brothers who are not present here, we will always accompany you! Even if they’ve already passed, they still exist in your heart. Always accompanying you! As long as you are still alive, your heart remains, and your brothers are around!”

“I understand now.” Bear King couldn’t help but wipe his tears as he sobbed. “I’m still alive, my heart remains, my brothers are around! Little eagle is around!”

“That’s right, so you must continue to live on properly, for Eagle King! Because his greatest wish before he died was for you to live! He only wants you to continue living properly! You must not disappoint him! And the rest of the Eagle Clan also needs your support! You must not die! If you die so wimpishly, then you’ll really have let little eagle down!”

Big Bear stayed silent, but his dull eyes finally regained a little bit of life.

“And one more thing, the blood of our brothers mustn’t be spilled in vain! Whoever makes us bleed, we will make them doomed!” Jun Mo Xie said harshly. “Big Bear, you must prepare, we must get it all back with both principal and interest, multiple-folds!

“Yes! How can the blood of my brothers be spilled in vain! It will not be, no matter what! Make those grotesque scum extinct!” A vengeful gleam filled Big Bear’s eyes.

Then, he suddenly turned around, running about, searching all over, collecting all of the bits of Eagle King’s flesh that was scattered all about carefully…

And Mei Xue Yan was doing the same thing…

All the other bear warriors were also searching about.

They wanted to restore the body of their brother who had already left! So that their brother could finish his last journey honorably.

Finally, they finished collecting all of it. Mei Xue Yan tugged a lock of hair from her head. Then, she got Jun Mo Xie to use the Power of Gold to create a needle. She carefully threaded it, and began to sew her brother back together, stitching every single piece of flesh and feathers.

She was just that concentrated, every single stitch was so gentle and with great familiarity. Just like how she had used a needle and thread to help sew Eagle King’s clothes from that time when Eagle King first took human form and accidentally torn the clothes he wore for the first time.

She could still remember little eagle wrinkling his face, feeling upset about the clothes. She could still remember, she even chuckled and pinched his hooked nose, teasing him…

Now, the situation was similar, but she was feeling such heavy sorrow…

As she sewed, Mei Xue Yan asked in a low voice. “That blood eagle that appeared in the sky earlier, was it the tabooed ultimate move of the eagle clan, ‘Nine Firmaments Bloodshed Cry of the Eagles, Burning Sky Collapsing Earth Xuan Eagle Soul’?”

Big Bear sniffed and nodded his head heavily.

“Then… the eight… seniors?”

Big Bear turned his head away, not speaking, his tears pouring down!

At this moment, that humongous build looked like a fallen leaf in the wind.

“Then… their bodies?” Mei Xue Yan’s heart sank, asking in a low voice.

“Detonated… they all… detonated…” Big Bear replied in a nasal voice. He squatted down, hugging his head with both his hands to suppress his sobs.

Mei Xue Yan’s hand jerked to a stop. She raised her head, remaining silent, before lowering it to continue her work. Although she did not make a single noise, but tears were falling down silently, landing on Eagle King’s cold body…

Mei Xue Yan had clearly became numb from the heartache! Her hands continued to move automatically, she didn’t want to think, she couldn’t bear to think, and didn’t dare to think anymore; her long silky hair fell down, blocking her face, and also the immense sorrow that she was going through.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Enduring all of it alone!

Jun Mo Xie let out a long sigh, standing up with his hands behind his back. With all of his intelligence, he also didn’t know how to console her at this moment.

The strong winds continued to blow, Jun Mo Xie’s robes and wind fluttered in the wind. In his worry, he also felt an extreme sense of grief and melancholy.

Brother… the few brothers that he acknowledged in this world. Now, one of them had died in battle, right before him!

Will… there still be more… later?

Mei Xue Yan may have regained consciousness quickly, but Jun Mo Xie knew clearly that Mei Xue Yan’s heart was completely broken! Right now, Mei Xue Yan was just forcibly controlling herself!

As the Lord of Tian Fa, she did not have the right to lose her self-control before her subordinates! No matter when, she must remain unruffled!

Only in this way, she can give her subordinates confidence!

She had already vomited blood and fainted from extreme grief. The mental pressure on the warriors was already massive!

Now, Mei Xue Yan could not lose her composure!

If she wished to weep, she could only wait till the silence of night to let her tears fall, all alone, secretly! But the next morning, she was still the Lord of Tian Fa when she stood before everyone else!

Mighty, powerful, invincible!

Jun Mo Xie’s heart hurt! So much that he couldn’t breath!

He had always treasured every single brother from Tian Fa. Not only the few Beast King brothers, Jun Mo Xie felt more close and dear with even the ordinary Xuan Beasts than humans! The honest Xuan Beasts, the Xuan Beasts with the purest hearts, were a lot more worth befriending than humans.

The death of the Eagle King also left Jun Mo Xie so heartbroken he blacked out for a moment!

But Mei Xue Yan had just fainted, Jun Mo Xie knew that he must not lose the tiniest bit of his self-control. If both of them became overwhelmed by grief at the same time, the Bear Warriors would definitely be in a mess, and they would completely lose control of the situation!

If that really became the case, it’d really be a huge mess. Even if they managed to make it up, the hearts of the men were unstable, and fighting with this sort of mentality, they would be in danger of annihilation at any moment! Because of the weakness of their Kings, they couldn’t see any hope of victory!

Standing in the wind, watching the battlefield that was filled with the stench of blood, although Jun Mo Xie was hardhearted, he asked himself a question: Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?

This was undoubtedly a question that was very difficult to answer.

Although he had claimed to not care about the common lives of the world, and Xuan Xuan Continent had nothing to do with him, he was not a hero, but… even though he said that he didn’t care, how could he really not? After all, his own brothers were still on this continent!

And his own kin, friends and people he worried about!

How could he really not care?

He may perhaps not be so concerned with the people of the Xuan Xuan Continent, but how could he allow those grotesque strange races to come into the continent as they wished?

But if he really did not let them come in, the Evil Monarch Manor and Tian Fa Xuan Beasts will have to pay a hefty price for it! Especially with the unexpected mishap on the three Holy Lands’ forces! A price like this—Jun Mo Xie could not afford it! And he couldn’t bear to! And was unwilling to!

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