Martial God Asura

Chapter 3989 - Such Genius

Chapter 3989 - Such Genius


Lu Yingzhou fell to the ground and began to scream miserably after being struck by the purple lightning.

He not only screamed in pain. His screams were also filled with despair.

The reason for that was because the lightning had pierced through his dantian.

Lu Yingzhou’s cultivation had been crippled.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s treatment of Lu Yingzhou was different from his treatment of that Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciple.

When Chu Feng crippled the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciple, he did so merely to scare him.

Even though his dantian had also been pierced through, that disciple’s injury was actually not serious at all.

Not only was it curable, but his lost cultivation could also be easily recovered, and it would not affect his future at all.

However, it was different for Lu Yingzhou. His cultivation had been thoroughly crippled.

Chu Feng had showed no quarter this time around. Even the celestial emperor himself would not be able to save Lu Yingzhou.

Lu Yingzhou had also realized how serious the condition of his injury was.

Because of that, as he screamed miserably, he began using all sorts of precious medicinal pellets to treat his injury. He tried his hardest to reduce the speed of his cultivation’s escape.

At the same time, he shouted at the disciples of the All-heaven Sect.

He ordered them to quickly bring him away out of the spirit formation world.

He wanted to leave and seek help from the people outside to treat his injury.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng’s attack had been simply too ruthless. Even if he managed to leave the spirit formation world at that exact moment, even if Grandmaster Feng You were willing to help him, his injury could still not be cured.

Through the reaction of Lu Yingzhou, everyone could tell how ruthless Chu Feng’s attack had been.

However, they did not concern themselves too much with Lu Yingzhou. After all, he had committed a crime to begin with. Even if he were to die, no one besides the All-heaven Sect would feel pain.

What the crowd were astonished with instead was Chu Feng's performance.

They were astonished because they were unable to understand why Chu Feng could control the purple lightning.


Right when the crowd were confused, Chu Feng began flying toward the depths of the sky again.

The lightning in the sea of lightning was extremely concentrated. The sea of lightning was also extremely thick.

However, as Chu Feng flew through it, he was completely unobstructed. He did not have to spend any effort to move forward.

In the end, he managed to pass through the sea of lightning and arrive at the depths of the sky.

“Could it be that he’s really a person of the younger generation?”

At that moment, someone let out such a cry in alarm.

The person who'd let out the cry of alarm was actually the Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist Grandmaster Feng You.

At that moment, Grandmaster Feng You’s aged old face had a very complicated expression. Especially his eyes, they were filled with intense shock.

A person with attainments in world spirit techniques far surpassing his own, if that person was truly a person of the younger generation, what sort of significance would this matter possess? It was something he could very well imagine.

Demon-level genius. He felt that he had very likely witnessed the birth of a demon-level genius today.

“Grandmaster Feng You, could it be that he’s really a person of the younger generation?”

The other people were also very curious about this matter.

After all, if this was certain, it would be no small matter at all.

However, they were unable to be certain of this. As such, they could only seek guidance from Grandmaster Feng You.

No matter what, Grandmaster Feng You was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

His observational abilities far surpassed those of ordinary people.

“I’m uncertain. This old man cannot be certain either.”

“However, if he really is a person of the younger generation, then, I congratulate everyone. Today, we’ve likely witnessed the birth of a peak exceptional genius.”

Grandmaster Feng You’s tone had changed as he spoke.

He became very excited, much more excited than before.

“Peak exceptional genius?”

Hearing Grandmaster Feng You’s words, the crowd felt even more shaken.

Actually, even without Grandmaster Feng You telling them, they also knew what it would represent if Chu Feng really was a person of the younger generation.

However, after Grandmaster Feng You said those words, it still came as quite a shock.

“Peak exceptional genius?”

“The way I see it, he’s nothing more than a peak evildoer,” the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster said fiercely.

“Milord, this old man had no intention to offend you.”

“However, with this child’s talent, it is very possible that he could alter the composition of the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“Are you all really planning to curb his growth here?” asked Grandmaster Feng You.

“Grandmaster Feng You, what are you implying?”

“Are you saying that even though that child has seriously injured my disciples and is plundering our six great powers’ treasure, we should show great mercy to him and spare him? Are you saying that we should present our treasure to him?”

At that moment, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s gaze had turned ice-cold.

He'd felt extremely displeased to begin with. After hearing Grandmaster Feng You speaking such words at such a time, he naturally found the situation to be even more unbearable.

“This old man does not have any bad intentions. It’s just that even though this child has made some mistakes, he is not completely undisciplined and out of control.”

“At least, he did not willfully slaughter the innocent. From this, it can be seen that he is not a great evildoer. At least, he is still capable of being changed.”

“Thus, this old man suggests that it would do to bestow upon him some punishment. There is no need to kill him,” said Grandmaster Feng You.

“Bullshit! He has seriously injured my sect’s supreme elder! Did you not see that?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout exploded in the sky. It was the All-heaven Sect’s supreme elder Tuoba Chengan.

“Grandmaster Feng You, for you to plead for that child like this, you couldn’t possibly be his accomplice, right?”

“Humph, I’ve long noticed that he’s been speaking for that guy from the very start.”

“He must be an accomplice. Capture him!”

The other leaders and elders of the six great powers all cast displeased looks at Grandmaster Feng You.

They seemed like they were itching to rip Grandmaster Feng You to shreds.

In fact, many experts even flew over and surrounded him.

It was as if they would immediately attack him should they receive the order to do so.

Suddenly, a relatively gentle voice sounded. “Grandmaster Feng You, you should leave.”

“That child has committed overwhelming evil. We cannot spare him.”

“You should not meddle in this matter.”

It was the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

The Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had somewhat of a friendship with Grandmaster Feng You.

Thus, compared to the others, he was much more courteous towards him.

Furthermore, the crowd were all willing to give the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief face.

After he spoke, the experts that had surrounded Grandmaster Feng You all moved aside.

However, they were still glaring at him with displeasure and anger-filled gazes.

“Everyone, you all…”

Grandmaster Feng You had originally wanted to say something.

However, after sensing the displeased gazes from all around, he could only sigh and swallow the words he wanted to say.

He was a sensible man. He knew that asking for leniency for Chu Feng at such a time was a truly insensible act.

It was merely that he was very fond of talents.

He truly did not hope for such an outstanding genius to fall here.

That was why he had pleaded for leniency. However, since his pleas were no help, he knew that continuing with it would be meaningless.

“Look! Those weapons! They seem to be moving!”

Suddenly, a cry of alarm was heard.

In the next moment, the crowd’s gazes all turned to that spirit formation world again.

Even Grandmaster Feng You looked up.

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