Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1512 - He Has to Admit It (3)

Chapter 1512: He Has to Admit It (3)

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Sitting beside them, Sun Huiwen’s eyes burned with rage. She really wanted to throw this woman out of there!

 However, Feng Shengyang said nothing, so she didn’t dare to do anything rash either.

 Today Feng Shengyang was acting a little strange. She was rather reserved compared to her usual self. If it wasn’t for that, given Sun Huiwen’s personality, how could she allow other women to come near Feng Shengyang?

 Just then, Feng Shengyang turned his head and glanced at the woman. “I let you come in so that you’d have a drink with me. Where’s your drink?”

 He poured a full glass and placed it in front of her.

 It was whiskey and not ordinary beer.

 Sun Huiwen caught a whiff of the dense smell of alcohol even when she’s sitting some distance away and she frowned at the smell of it.

 It wasn’t that she couldn’t drink but it was too strong and she was scared to drink those types of alcohol.

 However, Feng Shengyang had chosen it when they got to the bar. He had already finished a bottle and was well on his way to the bottom of his second.

 The alluring woman seemed much more relaxed than Sun Huiwen. She picked up the glass, drank half of it, and then grabbed Feng Shengyang’s arm, trying to have an exchange of glasses with him.

 Feng Shengyang was not bothered by her action but Sun Huiwen was enraged upon seeing that.

 This woman was too shameless!

 “Brother Shengyang! Stop drinking, okay? You’ve had enough already.” Sun Huiwen looked upset. She was sitting beside Feng.Shengyang and reached out her hand and pulled him over.

 “Young Master Feng, I’ll drink with you however much you want,” the woman said deliberately.

 Sun Huiwen finally couldn’t help but stood up and pointed at the woman and scolded her, “You slut! Are you trying to kill Brother Shengyang? He has already drank so much, yet you still want him to continue drinking!”

 The woman crossed her thin, fair legs that were barely covered by her sheath dress.

 She smiled and said to Sun Huiwen, “You don’t know Young Master Feng very well, do you? He’s good at holding his liquor. This is nothing to Young Master Feng, right Young Master Feng? If you want to drink, I’ll drink with you until I get drunk.”

 Sun Huiwen gritted her teeth at those irritating words.

 “Even if he can hold his liquor, this is not how he should drink. Don’t you know that drinking is harmful?” She rebutted.

 The woman glanced at her irritably, “Who doesn’t know that drinking is harmful? But don’t you see? Young Master Feng is in a bad mood today. He just wants to drink. Are you going to tell him not to? Who are you to Young Master Feng?”

 Of course, Sun Huiwen knew that Feng Shengyang was not just in a bad mood today, but a very bad mood.

 She had known him for so long and it was the first time she had seen him in such a bad mood.

 It was just that this woman’s last sentence agitated her.

 Sun Huiwen said angrily, “I’m his girlfriend!”

 The woman said, “Who are you kidding!”

 Sun Huiwen folded her arms at her chest, saying proudly, “Don’t you know who I am? If you follow his previous scandals, you should know about me, right? Brother Shengyang and I were photographed in the presidential suite of the hotel before. So tell me, am I his girlfriend or not? ”

 The woman snorted coldly, “So what? Just because you shared a room, you’re his girlfriend? Who doesn’t know about the many scandals? It’s not up to you to say if you’re his girlfriend. Let Young Master Feng admit that you’re his girlfriend if you’re so confident! ”

 Sun Huiwen’s face was pale. She looked at the woman and then she looked to Feng Shengyang.

 But she couldn’t come up with the words to ask Feng Shengyang.

 The woman became proud this time and said deliberately, “Aw, you don’t dare to ask him?”


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