Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1668 - Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together (Part Eight)

Chapter 1668: Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together (Part Eight)

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To put it simply, both of them let their pride get in their way. They obviously liked each other, and yet, they pretend not to care.

Lu Yinan was such a womanizer in the past. If he didn’t have feelings for Zhou Shuang, he would have looked for other women in these four years.

Why would he preserve his chastity and stay loyal to her?

‘It seemed like I can only depend on myself,’ Ming Ansheng thought to himself with a sigh.

‘You are a man. Can you act like one? Do you have to make a woman propose to you? Or go to your room to undress you? Serves you right that you have no woman!’

Ming Ansheng typed angrily, and then he locked his phone. He stood up in a huff and laid down next to Su Yue.

This time, he was less careful and fearful. And his actions seemed braver.

He turned sideways to gaze at Su Yue’s beautiful face.

He inched nearer until the tip of his nose touched Su Yue’s face.

He inhaled deeply and felt extremely comforted.

Ming Ansheng thought to himself, ‘This is enough. As long as she is by my side. As long as she is the first thing I see when I wake up.’

It was morning in the capital city, and it was the busiest time of the day.

Lu Yinan had a surgery operation late last night. Ming Ansheng’s text woke him up from his sleep.

He rose and yawned sleepily before looking at his phone. He stared for a long time at Ming Ansheng’s final message.


He should propose to that hooligan?

He didn’t look for any woman these past years. Wasn’t that enough to prove his feelings for her?

If she had wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, why was she pretending not to care?

Every time he tried to get closer to her, she would fend him off like a porcupine with sharp spines. In what way was he not worthy?

He was at least a hundred times better than the jerk she had dated before.

This female hooligan really deserved to date a jerk. She should get a horrible man who would make her suffer.

The more Young Master Lu thought, the more livid he became.

He flung his blanket off and strode out of his room.


Lu Yinan bumped into his precious Second Lu. His darling had thick short hair with fair and tender skin.

“Where is Mommy?” Lu Yinan bent and pinched his daughter’s face with an affectionate gaze.

She pointed downstairs. “Mommy is in the courtyard watering the flowers.”

Lu Yinan smiled. “Got it.”

He held her hand and went downstairs.

An old man, who was nearly 90 years of age, sat on the couch. He was watching the news, which reported updates regarding the army.

“Grandfather, why didn’t you play chess in the garden?” Lu Yinan strode towards the couch and glanced at his grandfather.

Old Master Lu didn’t look at him and he coldly replied, “Old Liu’s grandson is getting married today. The rest of them are at his wedding.”

Lu Yinan casually asked, “Aren’t you invited?”

He had reached the couch where the old master was sitting.

Old Master Lu looked up and snorted coldly. “How could I go?!”

He looked furious, and he averted his gaze back to the TV screen.

“Grandfather, what are you talking about?” Lu Yinan knew why his grandfather was angry. He let go of Second Lu and sat down with a fawning smile. He clenched his grandfather’s hand and said, “With your reputation and status, everyone would be honored by your presence.”

Was it a special day today? Why was everyone rushing him to get married?

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