Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1526 - Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Nine)

Chapter 1526: Best Man and Bridesmaid (Part Nine)

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When Su Yue thought of the times that Qi Lei had prepared her favorite food for her, she felt a rush of regret and sentiment.

Time flew past in the blink of an eye. She lamented how insignificant relationships can be in reality.

She was quite reliant on Qi Lei during that period. Yet, during the past five years, she had never once thought of him.

The emcee was dramatically announcing the arrival of the bride.

Xuxu put her arm around Qi Lei’s arm and they stepped in gracefully.

Her grandfather passed away peacefully a year ago with no illness or pain. Grandfather’s final wish was to have Qi Lei give Xuxu to Yan Rusheng on his behalf.

Xuxu’s eyes were red and glistening when she wound her arm around Qi Lei’s arm.

A towering man was striding towards her from afar. Memories of them flashed across her mind. There were happy, sad, wonderful memories…

That particular year, for the first time, she felt that he was really good-looking.

She had her first awakening of love that year, and she fell in love with that handsome boy who always bullied and made her cry.

That year, she grew her hair for her. But what she didn’t dare to say was to ask him to marry her when her hair reached her waist.

That year, she ended up on his bed and they gave each other their wonderful first time.

That year, she chopped off her hair. However, she didn’t sever her lingering love for him.

And now, she had waist-long hair again. She was wearing a wedding gown with a pair of sparkling crystal heels.

Happiness was waiting for her at the other end. The man she had always been waiting for.

She was glad that she didn’t give up—she finally had him.

Tears were threatening to spill out of her eyes.

Yan Rusheng strode to her, bent his head before kissing her tenderly on her forehead.

He held her left hand and intertwined their fingers tightly. He bowed slightly to Qi Lei.

“Brother Third Yan, wishing you an eternal bliss with Sister Xuxu.” Qi Lei was visibly emotional.

Yan Rusheng smiled.

The wedding song played, and all eyes were enviously gazing at this perfect couple as they walked towards their happiness.

Su Yue closely followed Xuxu before stopping at the bottom of the stage. She had a little tail behind her as well—Xiaojiao.

Ming Ansheng was the best man, so naturally, he stood beside Su Yue.

Xiaojiao weaved in between them as she was excited. This was her first time attending such a huge event.

She was curious about everything.

“Mommy, the flowers are pretty.” The little girl tugged at Su Yue’s dress as she pointed at the baskets on the floor.

Su Yue nodded and said in a hushed voice, “Yes, it’s pretty. Xiaojiao be quiet now. Mommy is the bridesmaid for Uncle and Aunt. We can’t talk.”

“Oh. Xiaojiao will be quiet.” Xiaojiao obediently nodded and pressed her lips.

Her chubby cheeks resembled buns.

Su Yue gazed at Xiaojiao, and she raised her head to steal a glance at Ming Ansheng.

Unexpectedly, she met Ming Ansheng’s deep and shrewd eyes.

She didn’t expect Ming Ansheng would gaze at her and it had her flustered. She pulled Xiaojiao to the other side and hid her from his view.

Ming Ansheng didn’t realize that she was intentionally hiding her daughter from him.

A feeble smile flitted across his face and he warmly asked, “How are you these years?”

As though they were merely long-lost friends.

Su Yue casually nodded too. “I’m good.”

“She…” Ming Ansheng pointed at Xiaojiao and something seemed to prod his heart. His finger trembled a little as he said, “She is adorable and obedient.”

Su Yue managed a smile. “Thank you.”

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