Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 609 - She’s Really A Troublemaker

Chapter 609: She’s Really A Troublemaker

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Everyone in the castle, except Nan Yao and Li Ying, was preparing for the lunch this afternoon.

They were still holding a ray of hope that An Feng and Nan Zhi would not return to the Qiao family.

After all, Madam Qiao had once treated them so badly and with what Nan Yao knew about Nan Zhi, Nan Zhi would not acknowledge this kin.

But in the end, she still underestimated Nan Zhi’s shamelessness!

In order to cling to power, she still returned to the Qiao family.

Nan Yao’s life here now was like that of a slave.

Although she was pregnant with Pei Xuan’s child, her status had not improved.

What’s more, she did not even want to have children with that fool Pei Xuan!

But Li Ying had warned her that if anything happened to the child, she would not let her off!

Nan Yao’s eyes moved around and she thought angrily, what if she used Nan Zhi to get rid of this child?

When Nan Zhi and Qiao Yanze arrived at the castle, all the servants were standing at the entrance of the castle neatly in two rows. They bowed respectfully and politely seeing her coming over. “Miss Zhi.”

It was Nan Zhi’s first time being greeted by so many servants and she was somewhat at a loss. She nodded and smiled. “Hello.”

When Li Ying saw this, she burst out laughing. “Inexperienced bumpkin.”

Nan Zhi happened to pass by Li Ying and when she heard her words, she smiled slightly. “You’re upset that the bumpkin has turned into a phoenix, aren’t you?” When she said this, Nan Zhi’s expression changed and her gaze turned sharp. “What a shame, even if you’re upset, you still have to hold it in.”

Li Ying was furious. “You…”

Madam Qiao had cooked personally today and when she heard voices, she came out and saw Li Ying looking grim. Madam Qiao’s expression darkened and she scolded, “Li Ying, what are you doing to Zhizhi? In the future, she and Ah Feng will be the owners of this house. You should be polite to them!”

Li Ying was so angry that her face paled.

But she could not vent her anger at Madam Qiao.

When Madam Qiao looked at Nan Zhi, her expression became gentle and she held Nan Zhi’s hand, saying with a pleasant face, “There are still a few more dishes left before we’re ready to eat. I’ll let the servant show you up to your room first?”

Nan Zhi was still not used to Madam Qiao’s kindness and she drew back her hand with an unnatural expression and a stiff smile. “Okay.”

Madam Qiao looked at Nan Zhi’s beautiful face and recalled how they met for the first time. At that time, she felt that this girl was too eye-catching like she was able to the downfall of a country and people because of her beauty. She was afraid that her son would be enticed by her and had never been kind to her.

It was precisely because of what she had done and said that she always felt extremely guilty and ashamed in front of Nan Zhi.

She was not a good elder.

Madam Qiao’s eyes turned red.

Nan Zhi looked at Madam Qiao and then looked away quietly.

Qiao Yanze saw that his mother was feeling bad again and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Mom, take it easy, there’s still a long time ahead.”

Madam Qiao nodded.

Nan Zhi, led by the servant, went upstairs to see the room Madam Qiao had prepared for her.

It was a complete princess-styled room.

Pink veil, pink bed, pink sofa… Even the bedsheets and blanket were pink.

There was also a portrait of her on the wall.

“My mom drew it herself. She used to be a famous painter in the court but she has already been retired for many years. For you and Sister, she came out of retirement. What do you think of it, it’s okay, right?”

It was more than okay, it was vivid and fascinating and anyone could tell at a that she was very skilled.

Nan Zhi never thought that she would step into the Qiao castle again with the status of a family member.

After lunch, Nan Zhi walked around the back garden.

When she was at the spot where she was almost taken advantage of by Ye Yanfeng, she could not help thinking of Mu Sihan…

That night, he knocked Ye Yanfeng out and saved her. She wondered how he was doing now, and how long he would take to come back from the war.

“You must be very proud, aren’t you? You must be extremely happy in your heart, right?”

Nan Yao’s angry voice suddenly sounded behind her.

During lunch, Nan Zhi heard Li Ying mentioned that Nan Yao was pregnant with Pei Xuan’s child and she had a blood test beforehand, and it was a boy!

Ever since she appeared in the castle, she felt that there was a menacing gaze on her and needless to say, it must be Nan Yao.

Nan Yao turned from a phoenix on the branch to a pheasant in the dirt. A pheasant with its feathers all plucked out and suddenly learned that her enemy was the real phoenix. It was evident that she would be jealous and resentful in her heart.

“Nan Zhi, why do you always get the best things?” Nan Yao asked hysterically.

Nan Zhi looked at the emotional Nan Yao. She furrowed her eyebrows. “You’re here for another reason, right? Don’t around the bush, spit it out.”

Nan Yao’s hands clenched into fists and her features seemed distorted. “Yes, I’m here to make you take the blame for me!”

Without waiting for Nan Zhi to say anything, Nan Yao suddenly leaped into the lake in front.

The weather had cooled down and Nan Yao was determined to let herself miscarry by jumping into the lake without hesitation.

After Nan Yao jumped into the lake, she flailed around and shouted for help.

Nan Zhi crossed her arms and looked at the scene in front of her coldly.

After a while, Li Ying rushed over and saw the struggling Nan Yao in the lake and she was shocked, turning to the servant behind and said, “Quick, get down and save her!”

After the servant went into the water, Li Ying glared furiously at Nan Zhi. “You’ve just come to the castle but you’re already making trouble. You pushed Nan Yao, didn’t you? I don’t care what personal grudges you have but if anything happens to the child in Nan Yao’s stomach, I won’t let you off!”

“What happened?” Madam Qiao rushed over with her butler.

When Li Ying saw Madam Qiao, her tears started to fall. “Sister, you can’t be biased just because you found your biological daughter and granddaughter. You know that Nan Yao is pregnant with our Pei family’s child but your granddaughter is so cruel to push Nan Yao into the lake!”

Nan Zhi glanced at Madam Qiao. If she believed Li Ying’s words and questioned her like last time, she would leave immediately.

Madam Qiao was silent for a few seconds before saying, “Before we find out what happened, don’t push the blame on the child.”

Li Ying’s heart sank.

Madam Qiao did not believe her? But the facts were all there. If Nan Zhi did not push Nan Yao, then did Nan Yao fall into the lake herself?

The servants jumped into the water to save Nan Yao. Nan Yao had choked on a few mouthfuls of water and was shivering, her face pale. After she caught her breath, she looked at Nan Zhi with a frightened expression with her body trembling. “I know I offended you before and you’re unhappy with me, but the child in my stomach is innocent!”

Nan Zhi looked at Nan Yao coldly and she smiled slightly. “What evidence do you have to prove that I pushed you?”

“I-I saw it.” A young maid stepped out, trembling with fear and pointed at Nan Zhi. “I saw Miss Zhi pushing Nan Yao into the water with my own eyes.”

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