Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 514 - A Year Had Passed…

Chapter 514: A Year Had Passed…

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After Yan Hua found out that she was pregnant, she had gotten an appointment for abortion at the doctor’s. She planned to get an abortion a few days later.

However, when that day came, she backed out and changed her mind when she was at the hospital entrance.

It was her first time being a mother, and she could not bear to abort the baby.

Although she did not want to have any connection to Bo Yan anymore, the child was innocent and she would raise the child alone after she gave birth to the child. Bo Yan would have no relation to the child or her.

Yan Hua’s heart ached for Nan Zhi, who had lost a lot of weight, “Zhizhi, we can cook in this hotel. I’ll make something for you to eat. You can take a shower first before you take a nap.”

The dark eye circles Nan Zhi had were very serious, and it was obvious that she had not rested for several nights.

Nan Zhi pulled Yan Hua back, seeing the blisters on her fingers from scalding herself. “Huahua, we can eat outside later…”

Yan Hua shook her head, “Zhizhi, although I’m not as good as you at cooking, I’m improving everyday!”

She had never done a single chore since she was young, as Yan Cheng never let her do anything when she was at home. That was why she was not able to take care of herself after what happened to the Yan family.

However, she did not give up on herself, nor was she depressed about it. She would do her best to learn anything that she did not know how to do.

After Yan Hua went out, Nan Zhi took a shower and changed into the clothes Yan Hua passed to her.

Nan Zhi sat on the bed, she was not sleepy at all, so she turned on the television to watch the news.

However, the news was playing news about the S Country’s royal family.

Mu Sihan’s father had become the new Crown Prince of S Country, and he would become the king after the Queen stepped down. Another important piece of news was that the Crown Prince’s youngest son, Ye Sihan, would get married to Shangguan Wan and S Country would be celebrating the occasion for three days and three nights.

Nan Zhi saw Mu Sihan, who she had not seen for a while, through the news..

He got off from a luxurious and bullet-proof limousine. He was wearing a full suit, his expression cold as he walked into the grand office at the Crown Palace with an extraordinary aura.

It was the first time Nan Zhi had seen him after he returned to the Ye family. To think it was on the television…

He was so outstanding and untouchable.

They were really separated by the skies now!

Nan Zhi turned the channel, though her pretty face turned to look out of the window. Her eyebrows were slightly furrowed, as she seemed to be in deep thought.

Yan Hua had made three dishes and a soup.

Nan Zhi’s nose got a little stuffy as she stared at the dishes Yan Hua had cooked.

Huahua had really grown up a lot within such a short time.

When they were eating, Yan Hua asked, “Zhizhi, what plans do you have? Are you going to find Young Master Mu and Xiaojie?”

Nan Zhi knew that she could not change a lot of things anymore. However, she still wanted to see Xiaojie and him one more time before he got married.

She nodded, “I’m planning to go to S Country.”

Nan Zhi was someone who would take action immediately once she made a decision.

She got her identity card and passport remade at the authorities and flew straight to S Country.

However, with her commoner status now, she definitely would not be able to see Mu Sihan.

There was only one person she could ask for help from.

After she left the airport, Nan Zhi called Qiao Yanze. Although she did not know Qiao Yanze’s identity, he seemed to have certain power in S Country as well.

The phone rang for a while, and Nan Zhi thought that no one would answer the call when a strict voice trailed into her ear, “I’m Yanze’s mother. Are you that Miss Nan Zhi?”

Qiao Yanze had gone back to the castle for a visit, and left his phone in his study. His mother was passing by when she heard the ringing phone, answering the call after seeing the incoming caller ID.

His mother had heard enough of Nan Zhi’s name from Ding Shuman and Nan Yao’s conversations.

She was the girl who caused her daughter to be detained in Ning City and caused her granddaughter to lose all of her reputation. She disliked this young and cunning girl a lot.

“Hello, I’m Nan Zhi, I…”

Before Nan Zhi could finish her words, Qiao Yanze’s mother interrupted her coldly, “Yanze was nice to you before because he wanted to take revenge for our Shuman and Yaoyao. If you know your place, you will stop contacting him from now on.”

Nan Zhi was slightly confused, “Ding Shuman, Nan Yao?” Was it that pair of devilish mother and daughter, Ding Shuman and Nan Yao?

Nan Zhi’s thoughts turned quickly. Back then at the broadcasting company, Nan Yao said that she will not be on the same level as her in the future, could it be that she was related to the Qiao family?

“Shuman is my daughter. Her surname is Qiao now. If you dare call her full name again, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything when the call was hung up by the person on the other end.

Ding Shuman actually managed to become Qiao Shuman?

That pair of mother and daughter must have said countless numbers of bad things about her in front of Qiao Yanze’s mother. She could feel the loathing and hostility Qiao Yanze’s mother felt for her through the call.

And Qiao Yanze…

Did he approach her only to take revenge for that pair of mother and daughter?

Nan Zhi’s slender figure shook, almost breaking into laughter.

Humans were indeed the world’s hardest things to read!

After Qiao Yanze’s mother hung up Nan Zhi’s call, she seemed to have thought about something and she called someone not too long later.

Ye Fengjun.

Nan Zhi was walking aimlessly along the streets, when two black sedans suddenly drove over and blocked her way.

A capable lady dressed in a professional suit got off the car. She stared at Nan Zhi and said directly, “The Crown Prince didn’t think that you’d still be alive. To stop you from affecting Fourth Young Master’s and Miss Shangguan’s wedding, the Crown Prince told me to show you something.”

The woman passed a recorder to Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi’s pupils constricted when she saw An Feng being detained in the video. “What are you doing to my mother?”

“Whether or not your mother is fine is completely based on your decision.”

Nan Zhi’s hands curled into fists slightly.

She did not come because she wanted to spoil Mu Sihan and that Miss Shangguan’s wedding. She was not that capable!

Half a year later.

Nan Zhi finally saw An Feng again.

An Feng had already recovered and had a healthy mental state, but it deteriorated again during this period. She would laugh foolishly, talking to herself and would cry or laugh occasionally.

Nan Zhi’s heart ached for her mother, hating Mu Sihan’s cold-blooded and heartless father.

She had been banned from stepping foot into S Country in the past six months. She followed her promise of not contacting Mu Sihan again. She had also held onto her strong yearning to meet Xiaojie, and did not see him either, all because her mother had been detained by them.

However, the consequence meant that her mother’s psychological illness had acted up again.

After she brought her mother back home and took care of her with all of her heart, her mother’s psychological state finally turned for the better.

On this day, she received a call from someone she had not contacted for a long time.

Yan Hua was the one calling.

Yan Hua had left the country a year ago. She said that she did not want to stay at the place that made her sad, wanting to experience life overseas.

It was only after she gave birth to her child that she told Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran that she had given birth to Bo Yan’s child. Time passed very quickly, and the child was already almost a hundred days old.

After knowing that Yan Hua was staying in S Country now, Nan Zhi got Auntie He to take care of her mother, having decided to go to S Country.

She had been worried when she was settling the visas, not knowing whether she was able to step foot into S Country again after half a year had passed.

It was a good thing that the other party followed their promise and only banned her for half a year. He probably thought that even if she reappeared in Mu Sihan’s life again, it would not affect his relationship with that Miss Shangguan!

Nan Zhi felt like an eternity had passed when she stepped foot into S Country again.

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