Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1252 - Dead (3)

Chapter 1252 “Dead (3)”

Half Qing Sing promptly showed a surprised expression after the ritual was complete because of what she sensed. Before the relationship between herself and Bai Yan was that of slave and mistress, meaning she had to do whatever the woman said under duress. However, this time she’s been upgraded to a servant familiar status, meaning she’s still connected, but her life’s not on the line anymore and could refuse an order if she doesn’t like it!

“I’m done forming the contract with the both of you now so the two of you can go back to your rooms if you like.” Turning to her husband, “Di Cang, is my mother here? I want to go see her.”

“Okay, I’ll take you to her. She’s in the neighboring garden around the back of the palace.” ”


Sitting inside a pavilion constructed at the middle of a manmade pond, Bai Ning was currently staring up into the open sky like she’s lost in thought about something. But her trance didn’t last long when the familiar sound of footsteps brought her back to reality.

“You’ve broken into the Middle Divine level?” the woman asks in astonishment after noticing her daughter’s breakthrough.

Bai Yan faintly nods in confirmation: “Yes Mother, I just did after waking up.”

“I see, that huge disturbance is because of you then.” Slowly coming forward, those tender eyes of this mother surprisingly turns to her son-in-law instead: “Can I have a moment with my daughter? I have a few things I like to speak to her about.”

Di Cang naturally wouldn’t object and nodded in agreement. “I’ll wait for you in the front. Take your time if you need to.”

“Okay Di Cang, don’t worry, it won’t be too long.” That said, Bai Yan returns her gaze back over to Bai Ning’s face.

Their contour was very similar, close enough to be called sisters even if not for the age difference. No matter how well-maintained Bai Ning’s contour was, she’s still coming up to forty in age, there’s bound to be some subtle differences between the two. For example, the lady was much more mature and had on an air of strength from experience that Bai Yan lacked.

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“Yan’er, I’ll admit I was initially very dissatisfied with this husband of yours at the beginning, but it seems I’m wrong about him from the start. He cares about you a lot and I can see that now.” Patting her daughter’s hand, Bai Ning’s smile was all tender and kind, marred only by the spec of sadness in the woman’s eyes due to her own yearning for the other half.

Twenty years, I wonder how he’s doing now…. Is he okay?

“Mother, do you remember everything from the past now?” Asked Bai Yan after a minute of silence.

Nodding at that: “Yes, I remember your grandfather, your uncle, and your father… I only found out about his background when I was being pursued by those assassins back then. Don’t you think its ironic? Me and him are both heirs to our respective sects and schools, yet we never once met each other until then because of our reclusive nature….”

If I had known about everything then, would we have come to this point…. Turn out this way?

“In this life, the one I’ve wronged the most is to you Yan’er. When I was being chased, I couldn’t make it back to the Medicine Sect and hand you over to your grandfather. In the end I could only rely on a reliable acquaintance to keep you safe. By the way, is Lan Yue doing well?” She asks after suddenly remembering that kind and gentle friend of hers.

Unfortunately, the answer of good news didn’t come as expected because Bai Yan’s reply left an audible thud to the heart. “She has passed away….”

She has passed away….

Those words rung with an indiscernible sensation inside Bai Ning’s chest. Clenching those hands, it’s obvious this lady was having trouble coming to terms with this fact and what that information hinted to.

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