Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 440.2 - Favors (Part Two)

Chapter 440: Favors (Part Two)

Another young master from a wealthy family looked over at Zheng Baorui and said, “President Zheng, take a look at these pieces of junk. What do you plan to do about it?”

Miss Zheng: “You guys smashed your own cars, what does that have to do with us?”

“You shut up! Are you still worried that the trouble isn’t getting bigger?” Zheng Baorui scolded his daughter, and then he looked over at Zhang Tianyou and said, “I will pay for it. Tonight, all the expenses on your cars, I will pay for it.”

Zhang Tianyou and the others sneered. “Now that the car incident is taken care of, should we talk about how your daughter used us tonight?”

Zheng Baorui’s face immediately changed. “She’s just someone that doesn’t know anything, please let her go. I will compensate you guys.”

Someone pushed Zheng Baorui away and grabbed onto Miss Zheng’s hair. Miss Zheng immediately screamed out and cried like a pig, “Dad! Save me!”

Zheng Baorui wanted to come over, but he was kicked to the ground by Zhang Tianyou as he angrily shouted, “Is this your first time out in this society? Your daughter almost f–ked us all over tonight, you know that? What is it? Can’t play by the rules anymore?”

They obviously wouldn’t just let the punches and kicks they suffered from Lin Dong and Xu Cheng be in vain. Society’s rule was just like this, if you can’t win against someone, you have to take the hits willingly. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t vent their anger on someone else, so the one that instigated all of this definitely wouldn’t be getting away scot-free.

Xu Cheng only dismissed the grudge between Lin Dong and those young masters, and now, it was about them and Miss Zheng.

Zhang Tianyou dragged Miss Zheng by her hair to a car and started the engine, preparing to start playing a game.

According to their rules, they would tie your hands to the car, and if you could run with the car, you would be fine. But if not, then you would be dragged as your skin scraped against the road.

Zheng Baorui had seen too much of this. His face changed as he immediately shouted at Zhang Tianyou and the others, “Stop!”:

“Young Master Lin, I beg you, please let us go…” Zheng Baorui turned around and ran to Lin Dong and cried as he grabbed onto the corner of Lin Dong’s clothes. “They will really do this… Please, I beg of you! Let us go, okay? Just tell them to stop, and they will listen to you!”

Lin Dong: “I don’t think this is any of my business, right?”

Then, he pulled his big brother Lin Hu and was about to leave.

But, who knew that the moment Lin Dong turned around, Zheng Baorui would drop onto his knees and beg, “Please, I beg you, Young Master Lin. It was our fault to have offended you! Please forgive us and let us go!”

Lin Dong just ignored him, because he felt it was indeed just a dogfight between Zhang Tianyou’s gang and the father and daughter duo. It wouldn’t be appropriate if he got involved.

When he and Lin Hu were about to get into the car, on the other side, Miss Zheng was crying her heart out and she also dropped onto her knees and shouted, “Lin Dong, please forgive me! I beg you! I won’t dare to do this again! I wouldn’t dare to do this again in the future! Young Master Lin, please forgive me!”

“Lin Dong, you already used a favor from your teacher, don’t waste it again,” Lin Hu reminded his little brother to not mind other people’s business because he already knew what Xu Cheng was capable of. With this level of status, one must not ask them to do a favor unless it was absolutely necessary, because it was already not easy to meet someone at this level. Only an idiot would trouble them and keep on asking favors to deplete the bank so quickly. Lin Hu knew that the Lin Family must treasure their relationship with a character like Xu Cheng, so he didn’t want Lin Dong to ask his teacher for help so freely.

Lin Dong sat in the passenger seat and paused for a moment. Then, he walked out of the car and said to Zhang Tianyou, “Can I ask you of this favor myself?”

Zhang Tianyou grinned and replied, “I was just waiting for you to say that. Let’s go out and grab a bite together. How about that? As the old saying goes, no discord, no concord.”

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